Housemarque Updates Returnal FAQ To Clarify Saving System

Housemarque has updated the official FAQ for Returnal on their discord servers to clarify the saving system of Returnal and is aware of the issues.

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Vizigoth0430d ago

Finally beat this last night. I’m thinking of going back in for more punishment / alternate endings but really want to start playing other games coming out too.

Kornholic30d ago

If you haven't finished act 3, you haven't beaten the game. Get back to it. Yesterday, only 4% of players had actually finished Returnal according to trophy info.

OneGreenMRAJ30d ago

If it's too difficult, or not for you, you don't have to play it.

jwillj2k430d ago (Edited 30d ago )

If we are all willing to pay 70 dollars for a game, they should include a 'mode' that can accommodate a significant portion of their growing audiences lifestyle. They've satisfied the hardcore, no kids (I hope..) audience, now create a play mode for people who want to enjoy the experience but cannot spend hours on end in 1 sitting. I shouldn't be punished in game for needing to step away. Leaving my Playstation running for potentially days is a waste of energy and money. A save option mode, separate from the traditional should satisfy. They can disable the trophy achievements if they need to. If I abuse the save then its my own problem/decision based on my playstyle, doesnt affect anyone else.

Knushwood Butt30d ago

Just play the daily challenges then.

Same experience only less tension as the stakes are low.

jwillj2k430d ago

@knushwood butt
i cant see the ending that way. I still want to beat the game, it can come with an asterix, i dont care.

Knushwood Butt30d ago

Last night I ended (died) after a 3 night run, putting the PS5 in rest mode on Wednesday and Thursday night. Got up to biome 5.

No issue for me. Sure, it locks you into only playing Returnal, but I don't want to play anything else right now, and if I did, I would just fire up a different system.

Adding saves would change the whole dynamic. Almost everything in this game is a high risk gamble or trade off at best.

jwillj2k430d ago

@knushwood butt

You would keep the original as is. This would be a new game mode next to it. Same mechanics, includes save, no trophies, no accolades.

MasterChief362430d ago


Regarding putting the system in rest mode, there was an article recently written by someone that did the same thing, but their game updated at some point and they lost all their progress.

Christopher30d ago

***If we are all willing to pay 70 dollars for a game, they should include a 'mode' that can accommodate a significant portion of their growing audiences lifestyle. ***

No. No it shouldn't.

What people are trying to do is take a niche game market and force them to make it mainstream.

What you should do is know more about the games you buy and don't expect them to change for you.

There are a ton of games that do what people want. It's okay to have this game be its own thing and not be catered for the mainstream audience. Not everything needs to fit what the majority wants. No one is asking you to be forced to like it either. But at least recognize that not liking a game didn't entitled you to expectations outside the norm for the type of game you bought based on ignorance.

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DeusFever30d ago

Not much of a sales pitch.

WantedTnR30d ago

Or if they had some sort of save feature I wouldn’t have lost all my progress due to their update.. I don’t see how a save point after every boss would ruin the game especially if I could save it in a couple different slots. Or hell even only after an entire act was complete would’ve been nice

Knushwood Butt30d ago

@ masterchief

Yeah, due to a bug that they fixed.

The game has checkpoints.

The people complaining haven't played enough.

Whatever, I don't want or need saves.

If you don't like it, play something else. Time is precious.

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jznrpg30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

The game is challenging for sure. But I love it and don’t want them to make it easier with saves . When I do beat it eventually I want to know I did it the way it was intended not on easy mode and have the satisfaction of beating a difficult game . It’s the same argument for Souls games , make it easier . It’s not meant for you if your trying to play easy mode games . There are plenty of games with easy mode just for you so go buy those games . The systems in place for Returnal are there for a reason , it’s not like they forgot to add saves it would ruin the way the game is supposed to played . Don’t like it don’t buy it . I’ve died a shit load and and I’m going to keep going at it until I finish it regardless of how long it takes me . I am not giving up and not taking the easy route (if they add it I really hope they don’t)

Knushwood Butt30d ago


When you finally make progress after hitting a wall it is so satisfying.

MasterChief362430d ago

It's a balance for me. There is a point where I throw myself at something so much that I become numb and that overcoming is equally lacking in emotion. It's more like, "great, cool... let's move on." Not like "OMG YES! I DID IT!"

It's a very subjective thing, though. But I know that if I work too hard and keep failing at something too much, that victory feels more and more empty with each failure. But there are many games and instances where the victory feels so amazing.

QSPR30d ago

You always can give options to the players. if you don't like save that's cool but, what about people that don't have to much time on their hands and like to play video games. You are limiting those players who enjoy games in general. at last give some options and removed some trophies for those who used save.

ToastyMcNibbles30d ago

I don't see how it's limiting to those players. The game isn't going anywhere, it will always be there for you when you finally make the time.

Christopher30d ago

You can give options, but I respect games that are made for a specific purpose. Some games are hard. They are designed hard. They are aimed at specific people. It's their choice. Their game may not sell as much, but it's their prerogative to do as such. Not every game needs to appeal to every market or the majority of the market.

ManMarmalade30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Disagree. Options are never a bad thing. If you wanna play the game on hard mode, that's fine. If you wanna be able to play for an hour or two and then save and relax, that's also fine. There should be no limitations for gamers in general. Why do you think there are multiple options for resolution, details like shadows and particle effects, etc. Nobody likes to have limitations. Take it from the PC gaming community lol. Only you choose the way you play. I honestly don't see any problem with that.

Christopher30d ago

***Options are never a bad thing.***

Where did I say options are a bad thing? Please actually read what I say.

Bathyj30d ago

"There should be no limitations for gamers in general."

You think gamers have more right over how a game should be designed then the developer?

Your only right is whether to buy it or not. Exercise it.

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