FPS Boost: brilliant for Xbox gamers but we hope to see more from Series X

Microsoft jammed its foot down hard on the accelerator pedal with the recent release of 74 additional titles offering FPS Boost support, which sees frame-rate of back-compat Xbox One games doubled - or even quadrupled - for play on the new generation of console hardware.

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darthv7231d ago

Only having the Series S, I can say the FPS boost is a real game changer. Giving new life and practically new experiences to these existing games. Tomb Raider is one I haven't played but now I want to.

TheRealTedCruz30d ago

People are really split on the TR reboot, but they've been some of my favorite action games.

russo12130d ago

In any case N4G should open a section for retro-gaming where this kind of articles and MS consoles fits well.

TheRealTedCruz29d ago

People like you really get annoying. So many here on N4G. You take games far too seriously.

I'm going to enjoy watching how this site reacts when MS can finally make use of all these new studios. Many of which are award winning, with large catalogs of IP behind them.

Then the narrative will just change from no games, to all the games are trash, though we obviously haven't played them.

Magog31d ago

Even Eurogamer notorious xbox stans are getting sick of nothing but old games. Uh, oh.

Atom66631d ago

Uh, oh. You started trolling without reading the article.

They "hope to see more" in terms of allowing boosted titles to offer more consistent stability and utilize the higher One X code to get that 4k 60 results.

TheRealTedCruz30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Why read and learn, when you can assume and rant?

littletad31d ago

Their own title is misleading, it's referring to how the fps boost actually do MORE on the series s than the x. They go into rough detail explaining how it isn't really benefiting some series x BC games, but they chose to go with that bait title.

Orchard31d ago

That awkward moment when you only read the title and not the article and start trying to comment on it negatively...

Jericho133730d ago

Keep recycling the game defensive comments while you can 😉

RumHam30d ago

Damn dude, does it ever get tiring?

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CaptainHenry91631d ago

Well Microsoft is good at selling features like this to their fanbase. They don't have a choice until the games come

Orchard31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I might have to go back and play the Tomb Raiders at some point (when I can get my hands on hardware...) - looks great.

The back compat program never fails to impress. Looking forward to what they do next.

SlothLordPootus30d ago

Great to have the options, though in the cases of 4k vs 900p, I don't think I can bring myself to do the lower resolution.

hollabox30d ago

I'm with you, I tried FC5, Tomb Raider, and Home Front Evolution. TR looked good, barely if any resolution drop. FC5 turned FPS off after 45 mins. Distance object lost too much detail, and if you like shimmering graphics FPS boost is right for you. Home Front looked too damn muddy, yes it played better but the muddy visuals left much to be desired. I can't deal with muddy visuals, I don't care how smooth it feels.

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