Medabots Classics Switch Port Allegedly Illegally Uses mGBA Emulator

An upcoming Switch collection of Game Boy Medabots games appears to illegally use code from the mGBA Game Boy Advance emulator.

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Vits39d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if true. A lot of those ports do use a emulator, though in most cases they only base the work on a previously available solution in order to avoid legal issues or license it outright.

Let's see if Nintendo answer to the developer's claim and pull it out of the eShop.

VersusDMC39d ago

And the developers of mGBA Game Boy Advance emulator have facilitated the piracy of gameboy advance games.

With Nintendo currently suing Switch pirates it's a bold move to admit you're doing it elsewhere as well...

Michiel198939d ago

they also facilitated game preservation, and pirating is up to the players not the company. So every company who sold cd/dvd/bly ray burners facilitated in piracy as well then? and those mfers who made empty discs are the worst of the worst, they literally sold people the means to burn illegally obtained content on, how preposterous.

Nintendo goes through the worst lengths to make money, taking advantage of every loophole they can find, very unfair that other companies do that as well.

and those people who sell pencils and paper, they facilitate plagiarism......
i think you get my point now.

VersusDMC39d ago

Hopefully that defence works in court when the lawyers come a knocking.

Not saying it's right or wrong. Just saying that just because you think it's right doesn't mean it's not going to get Nintendo to not sue them.

Ryushaa39d ago

You may want to gave a quick search on lawsuits and legal procedures against third parties emulators. Nobody here have to defend fan's emulators, they already defend themself in the 90's.
Best regards.

VersusDMC39d ago

Here is a Nintendo legal notice on their website.
And a quote from that page

"Nintendo has undertaken an aggressive worldwide campaign to stop the production and distribution of pirated video game products."

Maybe they have a legal defense but in these times where it seems like everyone is getting sued and laws might change... it just seems ill advised to make Nintendo aware of your existence.

Just seems like it will be another instance of "When keeping it real goes wrong"

Michiel198939d ago

"Nintendo has undertaken an aggressive worldwide campaign to stop the production and distribution of pirated video game products."
thats something else than emulators....jesus get your shit right.