Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart Download Size Revealed

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart Download Size has been confirmed to be 42GB. Time to make some space ahead of the pre-orders!

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Magog30d ago

Incredible given the scope of the game. That Kraken and Oodle compression is the real deal.

Orchard30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Isn't 42GB kinda average, if not big for most games of this genre and singleplayer games? I mean Crash was 20GB. RE Village just came out also and is 27GB.

It's also somewhat hard to judge how much Oodle is in play here given that we don't know how big the game is in terms of length/content, nor do we have a non-PS5 version to compare against.

There are far better examples of Oodle than this, for example Control.

OMGitzThatGuy30d ago

Game could be 200gb and they would still say the oodle and noodle shit is a game changer.

StoneyYoshi30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

The near instant teleporting to an entirely different world should be proof enough for Oodle. It's not just all about how small they can make the file size for a game. The more models and objects you have the more storage it will take up. Theres a TON more things going on with R&C compared to RE8, Crash, and Control. Tons of different locations and stuff too. Imagine how large of a file size this game could be without the benefits of Oodle. 😳 Higher quality textures and objects and also audio is also a big contender for large file sizes.

The scope of this game is nothing like we have ever seen with a R&C game before. Its on par with almost every other PS5 game so far in terms of storage size.

P.S. I probably botched this explanation XD

Hakaro30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

"There are far better examples of Oodle than this, for example Control."

How about RE? RE has near instant loads on PS5 but almost 9 seconds on SX.

Christopher30d ago

Oodle Kracken is textures only, so it does depend on the game and how many audio/video elements it has in it versus how many world elements.

***Game could be 200gb and they would still say the oodle and noodle shit is a game changer.***

Gee. I don't know. That would mean a possible reduction from an almost 300GB game download. Sounds pretty impressive to me. Why are we downplaying an ~42% reduced download and storage improvement? This level of improvement hasn't been seen in over a decade and the fact that people are still squeezing out this level of compression is very impressive to me.

Why do we shit on some improvements to our gaming life and promote others? Can't all these things be great changes for us in the industry as a whole? I get the whole hypocrisy bit, but we don't need to all play into it.

Army_of_Darkness30d ago

Huh.. 42gb ain't that bad. I was expecting a little bigger.

blackblades30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Isnt some games bigger on series then ps5 cant remember anyways. Its a big deal, just like dual sense, just like the 3d audio, just like the ssd. That 42gb probably would've been higher if it wasnt for it.

Teflon0230d ago

Crash on PS4 is like 50GB and 20 on PS5.
You think Crash which isn't even impressive graphically on PS4 is some example of what the size would be? Mind you I'm a big crash fan. Ratchet is a full blown 3D adventure and on a whole different scale graphically.

RE village is a short game where you move 0.5mph. even if the same graphically. REVIII isn't nowhere on the same scale. With how Ratchet looks it should be alot bigger. Ratchet PS4 is 28GB and it's smaller on scale than the average Ratchet titles and this is a good leap, as well being bigger in scale. Also being a game made for 4K vs one made for 1080p meaning textures are mostly 4x the size

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Sunny_D30d ago

I think people got to realize because of the SSD's speed, a scene can literally load as you turn the camera around to look at something which means it doesn't have to use memory to load the entire level. By saving on memory, this means they put that memory to use elsewhere. In this case, it means putting more details and objects in the environment in front of you. That means the world can be more complex and look more alive than ever before. Hence memory may not dramatically go down as people think. Of course, maybe over time they may be able to reduce the amount of space used thanks to better grasp of the hardware but this is one reason you might see a game at 40gb's rather than just 10gb. It's not wasted space. It's literally packing the game with as much as detail as possible!

Insomniac went over this in more detail in a recent preview.

Orchard29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

@Robo Sorry to disappoint you but I game on PS5, PS4, Switch, PC, XB1 and hopefully XSX soon.

@Sunny_D That isn’t really new though, games have been doing that for years on mechanical drives. You don’t need an SSD to do that.

HZD for example:

The real SSD wins should be reducing install size (due to no longer having to duplicate assets that are used in multiple levels to ensure sequential loading / lower seek times on spinning platters), faster load times and less texture pop ins etc.

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darthv7230d ago

got mine coming on disc and I've already made some space for it to install.

Relientk7730d ago

Awesome, 42 gigs ain't bad at all. Also, thanks for putting the file size in the description.

Hellcat202030d ago

Make we go again
F You ps5 internal storage space

Welshy30d ago

42gb is a pretty standard file size for a AAA game these days. That's not to say I wouldn't like to see games shrink further with SSD's now an industry standard but it's not bad.

Hellcat202030d ago

I don't care about file size
My problem is deleting games to make room for new ones

Pricey30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

@Hellcat You can archive the games now reducing some hassle. Also AAA Games average at 50gb that's roughly 13 max that can be stored on the internal storage. I agree it's not ideal but how many games are you playing at any given time?

Teflon0230d ago

Most the ps5 titles I have are like 20gb so this ain't bad. Curious about FFVIIRI lol

Majin-vegeta30d ago

If you have an external HD you csn just movr PS5 ganes to it to make space

Hellcat202029d ago

I do and it's 4Tb full of ps4 games

Storm2330d ago

Being able to store PS5 games on external drives now is awesome but yeah, they should make the internal expansion drive available soon...

SyntheticForm30d ago

Just do it... delete Black Ops Cold War.

You'll get so much space back and you'll be oh so glad you did.

Hellcat202029d ago

Deleted that game back in January
Have no intentions of reinstalling it

Teflon0229d ago

It's the only time I skipped buying a game because size. Activision needs to learn how to make games a reasonable size. The games shouldn't be anywhere that ridiculous for how they look

SyntheticForm29d ago

Black Ops Cold War is just a smidge under 200GB now.


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AnnaDea30d ago

People tend to forget that the ps5 has better compression so those 42gig would be much larger with the standard ones.

That is good to know if you wanna compare to other games.

SullysCigar30d ago

Quite impressive to squeeze all that pretty into just 42GB.

Destiny108030d ago (Edited 30d ago )

the biggest difference between xbox and PS5 game file sizes, so far has been 42%

that would put this game PS5 42 gigs / xbox 59.6 gigs

blackblades30d ago

They rather complain then think.

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