Marvel’s Avengers 2021 Content Roadmap Gets Updated with New Additions

The official Subreddit of video game Marvel’s Avengers just got its 2021 content roadmap updated recently.

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Hikoran28d ago

As much as I wish it wasn't the case but this is a near dead game. They should have just made it a singleplayer Kamala experience.

gamer780428d ago

Scarlet witch would have been better. It’s what everyone wanted. Not a fan of Kamala powers.

jukins28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

What?!?!? Have you not done the embiggened peoples elbow drop!!!?!?!? Lol im just joking although she does do this. Her powers are actually really well done in this game.

gamer780428d ago

@jukins yah I have the game, they did her powers about as well as they could have I’m just not a fan of giant gumby-like stuff as a super power.

28d ago
jukins28d ago

You might be right BUT player count has went up 100% since february. Not saying much considering the massive drop from launch but still theres life slowly startimg to do the right things. I think the final nail will the wakanda dlc. If it doesnt add a variety of content and challenges above and beyond what we have that'll probably be it for me. Maybe play again if/when spiderman dlc is released

DOMination-28d ago

If ever a game needed GamePass, it was this one!

DaveZero28d ago

Player count dropped to 100 then player count went up 100% its easy to get amused by that.

jukins28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Davezero its a shame with the internet at your fingertips you atill choose ignorance. Lowest daily on record is 438 its currently, like i said, since februrary hovering around 1000. 100 to 1000 only a 1000% difference lol. And thats juat steam..

I get it you likeany dont like the game, even though you never played it. But from someone who has and does on ps5 i have no issues getting a full party of different people every time on any character level range

SenorFartCushion28d ago

This post is dedicated to all of those mediocre superhero tie-in games that I missed out on because of things like reviews and hearsay.

I’d rather play any of those finished experiences at my own pace than play this casino game with plastic characters.

DuckOnQuack3528d ago

Plus when a game adds in exclusive content to a certain console and the other console has to pay the same price. Idc how good the game is, they will never get my money doing things like that

jukins28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Lol bet you play cod. And the fact you use the term sony pony tells all lol

DuckOnQuack3528d ago

If you're referring to me, no I don't play cod at all and where did I say Sony pony? Also what does any of this have to do with cod or Sony? You ok over there

DOMination-28d ago

I think you're right. It was clear this game was "envisioned" as a "live service" game from the start - and consumers saw through it. The good news is, that the publishers are starting to see that this approach doesn't work. SE already know this is a failed project but are trying to save face with a couple of updates in the hope that some idiots will buy it.

In a few more years, this entire practise will be condemned to the "preowned pass" death pile. EA already gave up on it, SE too, but they are just saving face for another year.

SenorFartCushion28d ago

Hopefully. The thing keeping these services dying seems to be that they cost up-front. Ubisoft are going in on more free games aren’t they?

TheHan28d ago

I was actually thinking of picking this game up yesterday, I know I’ll eventually buy it. Just hasn’t been a must buy for me

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