Xbox Series X|S set to launch in China in June

Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles will launch in mainland China next month.

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darthv7232d ago

hmm... if anything, I could see many buying it to use in dev mode for emulation. We might get some interesting homebrew out of China.

Vits32d ago

To be fair that would probably be the most they could do with the console anyway. Given that it's a official release and therefore gameswould have to go through that painfully slow chinese certification process.

Orchard32d ago

I wonder if dev mode will even be present in the Chinese version, that feels too open and would let people make games not approved by the government review board.

CaptainHenry91632d ago

I doubt it reaches a million sales in 2 or 3 years

Orchard32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

That seems likely to be true, I recall PS4 and XB1 struggling in China and realistically, with the amount of censorship going on & leading to a lack of games, why would someone buy such an expensive console?

Switch has exceeded 1m units in China (sitting at around 1.3m), but they had to team up with Tencent to do so - and Nintendo games are probably less likely to be flagged by the Chinese content review boards.

I can't see PS5 or XSX/XSS doing well in China, despite the huge population. Sony and MS know this, that's why Sony only pushed 50k PS5 consoles into China, and MS are likely going to do the same.

TheEnigma31332d ago

it's gonna launch and they'll just bootleg it into a soulja boy console.

DRambo32d ago

We need to stop buying Chinese goods and not sell them luxury products. Undemocratic, constantly committing cyber crime against the West, including Microsoft ironically, murdering people etc. Until the Chinese people have a revolution of their own, we should apply as much pressure on China as possible.