Psyclone TouchCharge Kit Review: Wireless Charging Comes to Game Controllers


The Promise:
Wireless charging is a gadget-lover's dream. And while various companies have been working on (and promising) such technologies for years, very few have actually come to market. This kit purports to charge game-console controllers wirelessly-lay the controller on the metallic pad and it receives an outlet's worth of juice via a clamp-on battery adapter. The key: wire-free charging technology licensed from a company called WildCharge, which manufactures similar products for a small number of cellphones. The Xbox 360 and Wii adapters also double as much-needed rechargeable batteries (the PS3 controller already has a built-in battery), dispensing with the need for AAs.

The Bottom Line:
Wireless charging is impressive, but it's also far from perfect. For now, it only works on gadgets with specialized adapters placed on specialized pads-and these adapters add bulk. Of course, the eventual goal is to build the technology directly into both gadgets and tabletops. "That's our main thrust," Matzkevich told me. "We have designs and are in advanced stages with some big-name partners whose names I can't divulge. We're also engaging infrastructure. Things like Starbucks coffee tables and conference room tables." Still, until this becomes a reality, we have to deal with a bit of bulge. Fortunately, in the case of game controllers, a little added bulk never hurt anyone.

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