Ubisoft's free-to-play turn could be the new normal for big franchises

From "For the past decade -- ever since free-to-play revenues on mobile app stores soared past the revenues from premium games and kept going -- publishers have hunted for ways to mix some of that seemingly magical free-to-play special sauce into their AAA titles.

Some of them went all the way, turning AAA titles outright into free-to-play games -- a trend that was especially noticeable in the MMORPG and online multiplayer focused titles of the early 2000s -- while the majority of games went for a half-measure, keeping their up-front price tags high but also sprouting in-game item stores and packs of premium currency for players to buy."

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LucasRuinedChildhood30d ago

I've thankfully stopped playing most of their games anyway.

mattyhaxxx229d ago

I’m really digging odyssey. It’s a lengthy game but I see where they are going with micro transactions

Kaii29d ago

When you already have F2P elements in your P2P games >.>

Stanjara29d ago

Their full priced games already had free 2 pay elements, so I'm not surprised.
Single players games where y need xp buster.