PS5 Users Are Playing More and Buying More Than PS4 Early Adopters

Contrary to common opinion, there aren’t a million PlayStation 5 consoles sitting in scalpers’ warehouses: the system is outperforming the PS4 when launch aligned despite unprecedented demand leading to stock shortages.

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waverider31d ago

Of course they are. The PS5 launch was much better then the PS4, of course there de Pandemic, but with games like Demons Souls, astrobot, Miles morales, Sackboy even bugnsax or Godfall. After those you got destruction allstars, oddworld and Returnal. Ratchet is coming in one month! There something for everybody. beside the fact that you dont lose the games you got from the last gen. Outperforming the PS4 is something hard to believe in the pandemic!

byconcept31d ago

Yeah. Even though the PS5 library is slim, just playing PS4 games on it is lovely because of framerate and resolution improvements, and shorter load times. If you missed out on PS4 Pro, the PS5 is awesome.

GlaciusZero31d ago

Absolutely, with Ratchet releasing soon the PS5 and their event during the summer showing off GoW, Forbidden West in will release this year, the console will be even hotter, it's already a must buy I don't know how they can top themselves to be honest.

31d ago
BenRC0131d ago

With bc this would be a disaster.

Knushwood Butt31d ago

Just got to the 5th biome in Returnal.

Then got my ass kicked.

akurtz31d ago

Just got to the fourth biome last night, killed the flying eyeball thingy and it left a triple red ring martyrdom. I was like “greeeeeat” lol i love it

waverider31d ago

I know exactly what you are talking, mainly being ass kicked in Returnal, but i keep coming back for more.

Vizigoth0431d ago

5th Biome is tough. But it’s imperative you use both it and the third to build your character up. I l lived of the rifle that shot the Red bolts because it continues to apply damage when stuck in the enemy. I beat it last night. My second attempt at the boss and I did way better this time. I found it rather easy too. Use the grapple to move then recollect yourself and shoot em up. And Max out your Ether collection. You can hold up to 30. It will be helpful with at least two artifacts when you have them.

garos8231d ago

its the hardest biome of all of them for me. good luck!

oldenjon31d ago

Wait till you get to the 6th biome

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Sniperwithacause31d ago

I've been digging Pathless these past few days also. It's not very long, but the game is stunning and fun to play non the less.

darthv7231d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I didnt get my PS4 until 3 years after it released, so by that time there were a bunch of titles I got with it. Killzone, infamous, driveclub, the order... etc. With the PS5, I got it fairly recently and it came with Miles and CoD and I have not gotten another game (except for oddworld via ps+). I did buy R&C, so my newest game will be next month. I have been playing more PS4 games on it than I did on my Pro. this is because of the improved performance the 5 offers.

Im not into rogue games but I do like shooters and HM has made some of the funnest shooters with dead nation, resogun and stardust so i am torn with getting returnal because I like their shooter games but Im just not sold on rogue games.

Robobro31d ago

To be honest I'm glad I get my Ps5, I'm enjoying Demon Souls, Returnal, Resident 8 and Persona 5 Royal at the fullest and I want to finish them before Ratchet comes and I don't want to name June.... FF7 Remake Intergrade, Guilty Gear Strive and KoF 15 in the horizon... The poor console it's crying of how much I keep using it hahaha

gravedigger31d ago

Just keep going buying games. Games ownership >>>> renting games

chiefJohn11731d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Option for both>>>>

purple10131d ago

I'm playing Wreckfest on ps+ . Then oddworldnsoulstorm when I fancy it in a few weeks. Still playing modernware multiplayer. ( Not cold war )

Just waiting on the behemoth's...

Ratchet & clank
Granturismo 7

And we're set.

MightyHealthy30d ago

How is it hard to believe?
Digital sales surpassed physical and for over a year now ppl have been stuck at home.
Add amazon to the equation where a couple of clicks will have anything delivered to your door.
I agree with your entire comment minus the last sentence

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lelo2play31d ago

They have way too much free time...

Viking_mo31d ago

Or the nextgen games are jaw dropping and games coming out every month for the console

StoneyYoshi31d ago

Oh, just like you with all your silly comments you post on here lol.

lelo2play31d ago

Look who's talking! * facepalm *

StoneyYoshi31d ago


Wow! Comeback of the century! 🤡

lelo2play31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Well, I though it was a good Comeback!... but if you didn't like it, then tough luck.

SullysCigar31d ago

Don't worry, you'll find one eventually. In the meantime don't let FOMO make you lash out, that's not nice.

lelo2play31d ago

Unfortunately, wasn't born with money. Have to work for a living.
Don't have that much time to play games...

StoneyYoshi31d ago


Find a different career path perhaps? Thats what I did so I can afford to have my hobbies and a family.

Christopher31d ago

@lelo2play: Sucks you can't afford one and don't have as much time, but don't act like most people aren't working for a living here just like you. Instead of being spiteful about the amount of free time others have in comparison to you, how about you be happy that not everyone has to live your life. The goal in life shouldn't that everyone should be as miserable as you but that everyone should work so that you're as happy as they are. I didn't sit in my 20s and early 30s complaining that I had to work 80+ work weeks and everyone else should as well. I worked to get out of that and hope everyone else can do it as well. We should want better for others, and ourselves, not complain that they aren't experiencing the issues we are experiencing.

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Christopher31d ago

Who are they? Gamers? Are we saying PS gamers are bad because they play games more? Is this the new thing? You're a bad gamer if you play more than other gamers on other platforms? I'm confused by your comment.

Bathyj31d ago

Are you seriously taking a shot at gamers for gaming too much?

Army_of_Darkness31d ago


Yes...we literally do have way too much free time during these pandemic lockdowns... Games kinda help me forgot about all that bullsh1t.

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Mcardle31d ago

Of course they are, half the world is still in lockdowns.

Paleblood31d ago

So according to your excuse, then why Xbox is not having the same success?

Mcardle31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

How is it an excuse? All gaming companies have done great during COVID lockdowns as people have been stuck indoors bored out of their minds, its not like I was saying anything negative towards Sony jeez Louise.

Oh wait, sorry I forgot this in an echo chamber. "Oh Wow Sony, only you could have done this and only because of the power of Sony, look at this, the second coming of Christ in console form" Is that better?


Xbox is having great success as well. It's sold out just like PS5. Both consoles are doing well...

Atticus_finch31d ago

Xbox is sold out while selling half of Ps5. Lol

Christopher31d ago

Xbox is having success with GamePass and people playing games, just not manufacturing as many consoles and selling them. We don't have enough data to compare who has the higher MAU figures.

Terry_B30d ago

Because its Xbox. The most people prefer Sonys consoles for many good reasons.

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S2Killinit31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

There is that, but then there is the fantastic library of PS4 games and exclusives , and the PS5 games and exclusives itself which are taking all of my time personally.

Yui_Suzumiya31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I work in a hospital as a PCA so not much has actually changed for me. I'm still gaming on a Switch, PS3 and base PS4.

masterfox31d ago

I mean look at the PS5 Exclusive games , those are damn impressive visually and gameplay wise and ahead of everything in the gaming market!, is almost 99% your money spend will be well spend, unlike other games that are priced at 60 dlls that can turn into a annoyance to play and a complete disappointment, this one is 70 dlls but yet again I think you are getting your money's worth, next stop is Rachet and Clank! :D

zacfoldor31d ago

That's right, give me a PS5 and a Super Switch and watch me go. I'm just gonna add Nintendo and Sony to my bank account so they don't have to ask me to take my money.

Outlawzz31d ago

Super switch ! Lmao all for that name

Robobro31d ago

If Nintendo Calls the "Switch Pro" Super Switch... It's gonna sell a lot of units hahaha