8 Fan-made Sonic Games You Should See

Regardless of their position on the quality of recent games, I believe it's realistic to assume most Sonic fans would agree that the Sonic the Hedgehog
of today isn't the same supersonic mascot we knew during the 90s. Today's games look nothing like the abstract world of checkered green hills, sprawling neo-metropolis, and endless casinos of old. Now we've instead got generic settings such as the time of King Arthur, Arabian Knights, Italy and Africa. The imagination is gone, the originality and attitude are gone, and the people currently in charge of the Hedgehog's destiny just don't seem to have their hearts in it anymore.

Fortunately for us, there is a group of people out there who do happen to give a damn. Sonic the Hedgehog has one of the most devout and dedicated fanbases in the history of video games, full of folks who keep the spirit of the Genesis days alive and well in their spare time. These are an elite group of video game fans who go the extra mile to keep the dream of what made Sonic great in the first place alive and well. Today we're going to take a look at some of the work these people have dished up. Some of it is based on hacking existing ROM code to make something new, and others are totally original PC projects coded from the ground up. Either way, you'll be introduced to a sea of creativity and familiarity you probably haven't seen in a Sonic title for some time. Let's see what these people do in their free time...

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