Should Sony and Insomniac Make Sunset Overdrive 2 for PS5?

With Insomniac now officially being tied down by Sony and given that they will be making games for PlayStation exclusively for the foreseeable future, it’s interesting to think about what would be the best way to utilize them in this role. Of course, another Ratchet and Clank and/or Spider-Man game is generally a given. Games for those franchises will always sell well.

However, there are a lot of other potentially fun areas to direct Insomniac’s talent in the coming years that could pay back dividends in terms of success for the studio and having fun, varied experiences for players long-term. One potential direction that many have opined on is for Insomniac to return to the Sunset Overdrive IP.

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darthv72627d ago

Hell yeah they should. I'm already picturing it running at 60fps with all the particle effects like what R&C has going for it.

outsider1624626d ago (Edited 626d ago )

Whats it about anyway?

I mean the game in particular. Story wise? And multiplayer?

MadLad626d ago

Anarchy. Colorful, colorful anarchy.

Really though, it was a highly stylized 3rd person shooter that implemented a lot of parkour and versatility, revolving around pseudo monster apocalypse.
I highly recommend watching some gameplay. You'll quickly figure out if it's your thing or not.

bouzebbal626d ago

I think a new Spiderman will be next..
Does Insomniac have 2 teams?

CptDville626d ago

It is a SP game that comprises a mix of inFamous, Dead Rising and Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

StoneyYoshi626d ago


Yeah they have 2 teams. Thats how they are able to release Miles Morales and R&C 7 months apart.

neutralgamer1992626d ago (Edited 626d ago )


They actually have more than 2 teams. They have a dedicated ratchet and clank team that works on the IP. It seems they have a dedicated spiderman team now so their 3rd team is on work at something. Rumor/leaked documents has it we will get an announcement for sunset overdrive remastered soon and a sequel or expansion is also in development

chiefJohn117626d ago (Edited 626d ago )

Basically a new drink turned people into monsters. I don't remember much about the MP. It's not really a story focused game. The traversal, shoot em up chaos and its hilarious adult humor is the highlight of the game.

First quarter of the game is very boring. But if you stick with it it picks up and gets good. The jokes and humor alone make you like the game. No other game made me LOL like SO did. Solid game, it's not gonna have you begging for sequel but if one is on the table you'll definitely say yes to it.

roadkillers626d ago

I didn't like it. It's a cartoony game with a Tony Hawk Rebel type feel mixed in with the new DOOM. All I remember was a bunch of monsters chase you and staying in one place more than a second is death. So there is a lot of grinding rails, flying, and other acrobatics while shooting signature Insomniac guns.

SonyStyled626d ago

@bouzebbal, insomniac has two studios. One in California and the other in Colorado(?). As for how many teams each studio has I don’t know

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626d ago
Bathyj626d ago

I'm thinking quick remaster first, as many PlayStation owners have never played it, then full blown sequel.

StoneyYoshi626d ago

They could just do what they did with Spider Man including the PS5 version with Miles Morales Ultimate Edition.

Bathyj626d ago

I stand corrected.
PS4 part one bundled with Ps5 sequel.

But that would take longer.

Bathyj626d ago

Having said that, I'd prefer Resistance returned.

darthv72626d ago

I have a feeling Resistance will make a return. but before there is a new entry, I'd love a remaster of the portable games into console versions. I get they are spinoffs but they still deserve the console treatment like the God of War portable games received. Maybe even a nice compilation of the 3 mainline (ala uncharted collection) as well.

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lodossrage627d ago

They need to make a Sunset Overdrive special edition (or bring the first one in some form) to Playstation first. THEN make part 2. For the sake of completion

darthv72626d ago (Edited 626d ago )

SSOD1 remaster should be free with the SSOD2. Like how Spider-man is with Miles Morales in the ultimate edition. That would take care of bringing people up to speed real quick.

isarai627d ago

Why not? Honestly it was one of the only titles i really wanted to play from the XB1 exclusive library.

robtion626d ago

As a primarily PS gamer I bought an xbox1 just to play it(it was actually the Sunset Overdrive edition xb1) and I don't regret it. Easily my favourite game on xb1.

Jin_Sakai626d ago (Edited 626d ago )

As much as I liked Sunset Overdrive I’d much rather have a new Resistance game. We have enough 3rd person games IMO. The more variety the better.

SullysCigar626d ago

This. Any game from Insomniac is a welcome game, but not if it in any way affects a timely Resistance 4!

MadLad626d ago

I really only enjoyed 3, but I really enjoyed 3. I wouldn't be against another release. Insomniac seem to only get better with age.

SullysCigar626d ago

^ true dat. 3 was my fave too.

NeoGamer232626d ago

Would love to see another Resistance over a Sunset Overdrive sequel.

WeAreLegion625d ago

I agree with you there. And Sunset Overdrive is one of my favorite games. We need another Resistance.

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MadLad626d ago

I would love seeing that. The first was highly original, but didn't see the traction it deserved. The later PC release helped a bit, but it wasn't exactly like MS was going to finance a sequel at that point.

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