Xbox Has New IP They Haven't Talked About Yet That's Going to 'Blow Your Mind'

Microsoft's Ben Decker teased that there's new IPs in the work at Xbox Game Studios that will blow player's minds once they are unveiled.

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NealGamby36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Haha. Yeah, ok. We will believe it when we see it. MS has built up 0 equity with me so far.

AngelicIceDiamond36d ago ShowReplies(5)
AngelicIceDiamond36d ago ShowReplies(4)
NLink071436d ago

I agree with you. Just show us the games. I’m tired of promises. I (mistakenly) bought the series x at launch along with the ps5. The ps5 has been amazing, especially with the dualsense. I do like a lot of the QoL improvements the series x has on last gen games but I’m not playing anything on it that I couldn’t get a comparable experience on my previous one x. At this point I kind of feel like I should have waited until there was something truly series x that I wanted to play

AngelicIceDiamond36d ago

That's perfectly fair. We hear all the time about some new game MS is making but it's hard to get truly excited because it's always far off. For a minute I was excited and was really hoping that MS will Keep Quiet this time around leading up to E3 and not tease or or hype anything. Or keep the hype on the bare minimum believe it or not. Let the games speak... Not them hyping it and especially rumors of some games that are years away. Whenever I hear a rumor I almost don't care at this point. It's time to announce it and show it. Until I see and if it's good then I'm fully on board but until then I don't really care like at all.

Am I excited for HBII and everything else? I dunno, I haven't seen gameplay of it means nothin to me right now is. My attitude.

_SilverHawk_36d ago

I believe. let's wait for e3 this year next year and 2023.

UltraNova36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

If history has taught us anything it's to remain cautious until MS releases a new game before getting all excited about it. MS has a history of revealing/announcing games that gets people hyped only for that game to turn out being mediocre or worse on release. That said, maybe they'll get both parts right this time around?

gamer780435d ago

That’s not smart, if you truly aren’t using it you should sell it and make your money back on it and then some.

I’m playing a ton of games on gamespass, it’s a huge value. The Medium, Octopath traveler, gears hivebisters, outriders, just to name a few.

Chevalier33d ago

Angelic is excited for Xbox? You don't say. Needlessly defending the indefensible. PR at its finest!

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Godmars29036d ago

Be nice if just once they showed something off and let it speak for itself. Running on console hardware rather than a beefed and maxed out PC a bonus.

denawayne36d ago

You're the first comment in an Xbox article....

RosweeSon36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Yeah been here before, what made me laugh was the headline says Xbox has a new IP (a whole one) 😏🥴🤣 it does say later IP’s so that’s defo at least 2 🙌🏻🙄 29393;😜

4Sh0w36d ago

Wow Breaking News a guy from XBox said they have new IP's in development....[No really]....and wait thats not all, he also said they will blow your mind. [We've never heard that before]

DazaMc36d ago

No more pre-rendered videos of games years away from release.

36d ago
Livingthedream36d ago

Xbox fan here and I agree with Neal lol

Chevalier33d ago

Really appreciate that the guy Livingthedream doesn't have his head in the clouds and lives in reality 👍😀 I'll not only believe it when I see it, I'll even buy a series X and put it next to my Xbox One S.

Gunstar7535d ago

I have a lot of faith in what they are doing.

Aarontk35d ago

I predicted this sort of response as soon as I read the title. This site is becoming less and less interesting.

medman35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Every time I hear one of these corporate talking heads I chuckle. Microsoft games division has a long history of overpromising and underdelivering. Those are the facts. It's been past time to put up or shut up. Just last summer following the PS5 June showcase Phil Spencer came out of his big mouth with the statement he "feels good" about what Microsoft had to show in July after seeing the PS5 event. Then Microsoft proceeded to show zero gameplay for games that are a long way from release. The only gameplay....Halo Infinite and the infamous Craig. We all know how that went. Haven't seen a thing from it since. STFU and get to work!

I remember having a discussion in this forum with some clown claiming Scalebound would demolish Horizon Zero Dawn. Some fools never learn.

1Victor35d ago

Where have I heard those words before they sound familiar ............thinking.......... ....🧐........oh I remember Sea Of Thieves.

I still remember how high it blew my mind with its high quality graphics amazing gameplay and hours of non repetitive fun at launch /S

TheHan35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

@ NealGamby: You must be having a meltdown. Btw people can tell a lier when we see one.

Bathyj35d ago

How come everytime they say something I feel like someone is trying to sell me a crappy car?

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darthv7236d ago

I fully believe they have a bunch of new IP's. The thought that they have all these studios now and are doing absolutely NOTHING with them is absurd.

ApocalypseShadow36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

So, how is that working out for the last 6 months? Or are we still waiting for E3? Some of these developers were bought years ago. Nothing for launch. Nothing in the last 6 months.

They're worth almost 2 TRILLION. No Don Mattrick. But we still get the waiting game, promises and excuses. If Sony did this like Microsoft, there would be no end of articles and YouTube videos on Sony failing and doom. Why does Microsoft get a "game pass?"

AngelicIceDiamond36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"So, how is that working out for the last 6 months? Or are we still waiting for E3? Some of these developers were bought years ago. Nothing for launch. Nothing in the last 6 months."

Role play:

How bout you become a game developer then and release a blockbuster AAA WHEN I SAY to release it. Concept phase, story boards coding, pre production, pre alpha, alpha, beta then gold. I want all that to be done within 6 months and release gold with 0 issues within the next 6 months. Because I'm a fan and I say when to release the game because its is so easy with crunch and and the pandemic getting in the way of things it's not that hard it's super simple release the games!

Fanboys on the outside looking in.

Yes or no does that sound realistic to you?

darthv7236d ago

@shadow, given the ones we know that are in development... senua 2, forza 8, halo, fable, perfect dark. Id say pretty good. Im not an impatient person so there is no need to rush these out until they are done. It is the ones we dont know about that all the other teams are working on. Those have me intrigued as to what they could be. some classics reborn, something totally never heard of before... whatever it is, it's still new IP's to look forward to.

InUrFoxHole36d ago

Lol dude is salty. Xbox is doing great.

King_Noctis36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

So who is working on the below titles?

Forza Motorsport
Forza Horizon 5
Fable Reboot
Halo Infinite
State of Decay 3
Perfect Dark
Elder Scroll 6
Hellblade 2
Project Mira
Psychonaunt 2
Indiana Jones
Age of Empire IV

Please give me a straight answer.

343_Guilty_Spark36d ago

Last 6 months Xbox fans have been getting lots of GamePass titles with a few smaller budget PC/Xbox exclusives.

sinspirit36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


Okay, but if you're flying on an airplane and a wing falls off and you miraculously survive I don't wanna hear you critique the airlines job just because you aren't experienced in the field. And, I doubt you'd sympathize with them.

What kinda defence are you even posing? If you get your car serviced and it takes twice or three times longer than other places, and they do a poor job, you can't critique them? This is a very petty defence used only when lacking a real excuse. It's an emotional defence. Not a logical one. The only logical conclusion to MS game history is to wait till it's in our hands and is actually great.

36d ago
SpineSaw36d ago

You make it sound soooo difficult to develop a great AAA game. Funny thing though Sony seems to have no issues producing great AAA games and even great new AAA IP and they do it all the time. What's so sad is Microsoft can't produce a game at all for their new consoles not one and even had to rely on Sony to put a new game on Game Pass because Microsoft clearly has no idea what their doing. When was the last game Microsoft First Party put on GP how long ago was that? Even Nintendo dose a great job with great games for their gamers so why does Microsoft fall flat? Microsoft makes new consoles that took years to produce but either forgot to make new games in those years or is it that Microsoft is staying true to their long, long standing motto "We don't care.......and it shows"!
Microsoft only wants gamers to give them their money but they have no intentions of earning that money like Sony and Nintendo and it is long past time gamers stop giving Microsoft a pass.

gamer780435d ago

Been enjoying the medium, gears of war hivebusters. Fantastic games. Microsoft gets a gamespass cause they are giving players huge value with that subscription.

StarLink34d ago

The console with no exclusives has been sold out for 6 months so its been working well for them.

If it was Sony you would give them a pass and in the same breath make it about Microsoft.

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AngelicIceDiamond36d ago

Naturally with all the studios they have I'm sure they have a handful of new projects in the works.

Silly gameAr36d ago

Probably a lot of former multiplat games that were already in the middle of production before MS bought them out.

Mr Pumblechook35d ago

New IP is great, but the timing of this just a day after the PlayStation announcement highlights how Microsoft takes a reactionary approach to Sony announcements.

Extermin8or3_35d ago

Yhing is they had quite a few projects in development at start of xbox one generation. Problem is how many actually released and were any good? How many of the cooler looking games got canned after a year or 2 of delays etc. The issue is they've shown literally no gameplay for anything Senuas Sacrafice 2 they announced at the game awards 2019 as a next gen title Sony at the same time announced the third party next gen exclusive (I forget the name of it, it didn't get the vest reception.
. Gearbox made it and it was a launch title). Now ngl why the hell would you announce Senua's Sacrafice 2 a year before the series x and s release and then still have shown nothing... no gameplay... a year and a half later. They showed Halo which whilst it looked abut ropey for a cross gen title, they claimed was mere months from release and then it got delayed by an entire year and honestly I wouldn't be shocked if it failed to release this year.

xHeavYx35d ago

Dude, stop calling other people fanboys when you're one of the biggest MS shills on this page.

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DaveZero36d ago

You see how the sony fanboys do not believe you.

I'm sure they think studios get bought up and nothing happens with them, they think only there beloved Sony can do something with studios.

cooperdnizzle36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Well up until this point that is exactly what ms has done. Buy studios and nothing Substantial is released from said studios. They have almost a 20 year history of this.

It would be different if ms has ever made a game in house that did extremely well. They couldn’t pull it off with the few studios they managed, how can they pull it off now that they have 23 different studios to look after? We shall find out, but don’t call people out for going off of the past, that’s the only proof we have.

Ms did not make gears of war, and since they have bought the ip and made their own, the game gets worse and worse and that game was gift wrapped for them. Same with halo, once Bungie left the game has gone down hill.
Fact, Ms has never made a game of the year winner, ms have also never built an IP from Scratch, in house, that has even sold well or moved the gaming industry forward in any type of way. Name me one IP they made and didn’t buy... I’ll wait.

You Xbox only guys are the most Delusional nonsensical people I’ve ever come across.

343_Guilty_Spark36d ago


Any thats exactly why there is PlayStation you don't have to worry about Xbox.

36d ago
kayoss36d ago

What have MS done with Rare besides Killer Instinct?

Einhander197135d ago

Prove me wrong Microsoft, buying studios means nothing, seen nothing. Come on look at Ratchet on PS5, just leaps and bounds ahead of anything yet released. Surely MS has something to show for God's sake.

BQ3235d ago

Well, I mean, Crackdown 3 was supposed to blow everyone's mind as well so the credibility from microsoft is just a bit lacking right now.

gamer780435d ago

@kayos. Sea of thieves is amazing and has a large player base and people streaming it all the time.

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Gunstar7535d ago

I agree Darth, but talking positively amongst the insecure is always problematic lol

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Aquafiniac36d ago

Of course they do lol.
Just like Sony and Nintendo. This isn’t anything new. This should be the norm. I feel like MS did such a shit job last gen that this might be considered “good news”.
This should be the norm for a company in the gaming business.

BenRC0135d ago

Hope its as epic as "crackdown" looool

TheRealTedCruz36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

The funny thing is, anyone who frequents this site knows just how many MS studios are actually in the works of new releases.
They highly mishandled last gen, but I'm more than confident you're going to see titles pumped out on the regular, and from quality developers. The amount of IP they have under their umbrella now is kind of crazy.

majiebeast36d ago

Nah whats gonna happen they are gonna mismanage those studios to the ground and im here for that. Microsoft is the biggest cancer in the industry sooner they leave the better.

TheRealTedCruz36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


You're allowed to have whatever take suits you.
Last gen they have no games.
Now they bring new talent, and all they'll do is ruin it.
Damned if you do, damned if you don't for some people.

What I see is a whole bunch of quality studios, with now 1st party backing. I'll refrain from being the pessimist.

isarai36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

The funny thing is they've been beating this same drum for like 10yrs only to underdeliver. Remember Halo 5?, Crackdown 3? Recore? The Medium? Halo Infinite? Bleeding Edge? Etc. I would absolutely LOVE for them to come out and kill it with banger after banger, you think i wouldn't want more games? and they are in a fantastic position to do so, but all we got since the acquisitions are CGI trailers Halo Craig and Bleeding Edge. After 10yrs i'm not willing to go on there word, put up or shut up.

Chevalier36d ago

Yeah they mishandled the last gen. But not even managing to launch a new console with games just goes to show you how bad they are at managing their studios. If they wanted to change people's perception then you bet your butt that launching a new console with exclusives would have been a quick way to build momentum and instill some confidence. But to have projects most likely years away is probably why they made the decision to purchase Bethesda so they could fill their pipeline quicker. As it stands I'll be fine with my Xbox One S for a couple years yet I would assume.

blackblades36d ago

Doesnt how many games there is if the games are eh

Knushwood Butt36d ago

What incentive does MS have to put their own AAA on game pass?

zacfoldor35d ago

Where are the titles? Nothing good so far? I've seen Obsidian make a Honey I Shrunk the Kids style game I have absolutely zero interest in. I hope that isn't the type of game we are going to get, because that SCREAMS "good enough for gamepass" to me.

I'm not trying to be negative, but they have been promising forever and delivered very little. I'd rather have Obsidian putting out nothing than Honey I Shrunk the Game. Put out RPGs, enough promises. ALL this time and still what to show for it? That isn't kind of crazy, it's unbelievable.

gamer780435d ago

@Majiebeast. Congrats that’s probably the dumbest statement I’ve ever seen on n4g…

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Atticus_finch36d ago

This is MS saying us too guys. After the news of the 25 Ps5 exclusives.

36d ago
Knightofelemia36d ago

I'll believe it when I see it and play the title.