Call of Duty Warzone Rambo and John McClane Operators Just Got Leaked (UPDATE)

A new leak has surfaced related to Call of Duty Warzone and it is an image of possibly the next operators of the game.

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Welshy78d ago

I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm hating the direction Warzone is going. I absolutely loved it at launch with the "Bravo 6 going dark" tone, the way it tied into MW's story etc, but as it gets more wacky with the animated skins, bright cartoonish colours, cheesy radio songs and now movie collaborations, I'm growing more and more disconnected.

MW 2019 taking things back to basics and soft rebooting with a more realistic universe was the main reason I came back to COD after a near decade hiatus after MW2/BLOPS1.

D3TH_D33LR77d ago

Agreed. After a 5 game break I’d have never bought back into call of duty if Cold War was the call of duty game of 2019. Modern warfare did so much right but Cold War brought them back into he same old cod bs fold. To me Activision sees Cold War as an excuse to put out all that crazy shit they wouldve got flak for if it was released for MW but like you say, it’s really killing the tone and setting.