Top 25 Addictive Games of All Time

These games are so addictive that GameDaily almost didn't finish this article. Damn you, Peggle.

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BLUR1113694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Killer Instinct GOLD and marvel Vs capcom was my most addicting games ever

oh and starcraft too lol

vitz33694d ago

Bloodmask slapping F5 on Gamedaily again... -_-

jammy_703693d ago

gta4 is not addictive san andreas was wayyyy more

cod 4 should be in top 3

and the classics always win, but i dont think they cut it any more well some doo

Lombax3694d ago

I just started coming down off my rockstar and MGO induced high last month. i logged over 900 hours on that game.

Best online game ever IMO. Though i may be a little bias, cuz the first online game i ever played was mgo 1, and that had me addicted till they shut down the servers a year later. Plus I'm a huge MGS fan (who isn't though)

And now with the MEME expansion... I'm wishing I had a rockstar membership discount card.

Magic_The_Celt3694d ago

Im with:


Bolts3694d ago

There should only be one, and ONLY one criteria for the top 25 most addictive games of all time. Did it actually killed people and ruined lives. With that in mind its...

1. Everquest
2. Counterstrike
3. WoW
4. Doom

Everything else on this list need to be tossed out.

pain777pas3694d ago

Way too much fail to even care about this list let alone take it seriously.

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The story is too old to be commented.