Nintendo Switch comes out top in April as PS5 stock slows | UK Monthly Charts

Grand Theft Auto 5 is overall No.1 again as New Pokemon Snap tops boxed game sales with just two days on shelves.

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Orchard38d ago

I had to laugh at GTA5 still being #1 in 2021. How can you not have access to a copy of this game by now...

Nyxus38d ago

It's no wonder they're not in a hurry to release a new one.

darthv7238d ago

It's like the skyrim of the GTA world.

CDbiggen38d ago

lol, but I think by now it doesn't need to be the Skyrim of whatever. Isn't it the single most financially successful piece of entertainment media to ever exist?

Trilithon37d ago

it was that a long time ago.they milking it with mods

ScootaKuH37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Same! A game that came out nearly 8 years ago is still topping charts. Is there anyone who doesn't own the game at this point?

Amazing that a game that spans 3 console generations is still selling

DJStotty37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I can believe it, why not? The game is popular worldwide, and every year another generation of gamers is born, every year you have another few million people that have hit the age of getting GTA.

If they still produced PS1 and PS2, the sales would be well over 500 million by now

Fist4achin38d ago

I've seen the switch for sale in the wild. I have never seen Ps5 in store, nor have I had any luck to get on online yet. I bet the Ps5 would come out on top of there were more for sale.

Paleblood38d ago

Definetly. It became the fastest-selling console in US history with stock problems. Imagine what would happen if the console was available for everyone.