Game Focus: Left 4 Dead Review

Game Focus writes: "Left 4 Dead is a four episode zombie killing game about four completely different characters who are trying to survive a zombie-apocalypse. Each episode is completely different with each setting they take place in looking and feeling different, from traveling to an airport, to fighting your way to a hospital or finding your way to a boat, each and every episode is unique. Each of the four characters are also different with their own personalities and back grounds, Bill is the ex-soldier type who probably has more in common with the uni-bomber then anyone else, Francis is a tough biker guy, Louis is your average office worker and Zoey is the young and perky co-ed, but they all play exactly the same so there is no fighting who gets to play the tough character or fast character.

Each episode is made up of 5 chapters and the goal of each chapter is to make it alive from point A to point B and sometimes that is easier said then done. The average time to complete each episode will range from 40 to 80 minutes depending on difficulty and the skill of the people you are playing with but while the game sounds short, the game is very re-playable with the location, number, intensity of zombies as well as how much health, ammo and where the weapons are located being different and changing on the fly each and every time."

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