Konami's comeback is a welcome deep cut - and perhaps the start of something | Eurogamer

Martin Robinson: "Apologies for getting sentimental about nothing more worthy than a corporate logo but still, there's something warming about seeing the Konami logo on boot-up of a new game once again. For all the understandable frustrations about Konami's approach to traditional games in recent years - and even if the company's flat red modern splash screen can't match the iconic dashes of the 90s iteration - it's wonderful to have them back doing something they used to do so very well in the past: making straight-up, hard-edged action games."

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Godmars29034d ago

The trailer for one game, even if it looks promising, does not signify a "comeback". Especially after all Konami's done regarding their fall.

Nyxus34d ago

Agreed. It may be a good sign but that's all it is for now.

TheRealTedCruz33d ago

Just give me a new damn Silent Hill. Made by a competent team.
I actually liked Downpour, but that's not the title I wanted the series to end on.

BrainSyphoned33d ago

Just because your wife kissed you for the first time in a year doesn't mean the divorce papers aren't showing up tomorrow.