Play At Home 2021 update: Free in-game content and more

We’ve teamed up with some amazing studios to bring you a whole stack of in-game content as part of Play at Home.

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Mr_cheese31d ago

I keep seeing HOME and then realise im excited for the wrong thing :(

darthv7231d ago

I read something the other day about the possible return of PS Home. That has me excited if it's true.

SullysCigar31d ago

They so need to bring that back as a social hub for PSVR2.

darthv7231d ago

One of the things I kept suggesting for Home was the inclusion of a theme park. And if they made it for PSVR then just imagine virtual bumper cars or roller coasters or all those midway type of games where you could win prizes and have a good time with other friends online.

SullysCigar31d ago

^ I love that idea! And to be fair, there are loads of roller coasters in VR, but hardly any are effective. Probably the best is Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, I'd say.

Babadook731d ago (Edited 31d ago )

With the 2 second load times ps5 can do, I think Home would be far more viable. And yes, PSVR would be extra sweet in Home.

31d ago
Pedantic9131d ago

One would have assumed after Ratchet & Clank and HZD being offered for free, one more free game maybe to finish it up. Not free in-game content.

Silly gameAr31d ago

Well, the upside is, we got Ratchet and Clank and HZD for free.

blackblades31d ago

I'm down with it, I play brawlhalla all the time. Never spent a dime on it but having the free stuff in this nice for me. All in all no one should complain cause they never had to do play at home to begin with.

Hawk19866631d ago

Useless garbage, huge disappointment.

anast31d ago

I'm not sure why you are getting downvoted. Who in the right mind would support this?

wwinterj30d ago

It's free content. It doesn't matter if it interests you or not. People complaining about free stuff is baffling.

anast30d ago

@wwinterj It does matter because people are tied to that product and have invested in that product. Now if I complained about a free dress at a women's clothing store, but I have never invested a single second or dime in this store...this would be baffling.

anast31d ago

Just when I thought this was an act of philanthropy, they end this with an attempt to get people hooked on MTs and sh"# in game currency...I guess they had to show their hand at some point.

Orchard31d ago

While this one is a bit disappointing compared to the past ones... you can't fault them for the past ones and say this was all one big ruse to get people hooked on MTX.

They have given away some pretty awesome games during this program such as HZD Complete and Ratchet when they certainly didn't have to do anything at all.

ApocalypseShadow31d ago

Well look at that. Damn. I agree. Lol.

anast30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

It's not as dramatic as a "ruse", but the goal is evident. You would have to be a bit slow to think otherwise. They needed to bolster live service spending, so they piggy backed off of some goodwill and slid it in there. These things are planned, they are not done at random.

anast30d ago

Apparently, not as much as ApocalypseShadow.

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