EA: Battlefield and EA Sports Games Have Been Leaders in “Every Platform Generation Shift”

EA CEO Andrew Wilson says that the publisher's Battlefield and EA Sports games have been leaders in "every platform generation shift."

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ApocalypseShadow39d ago (Edited 39d ago )


EA CEO Andrew Wilson says that the publisher's Battlefield and EA's lock down on Sports games licenses, buying up competitors, dismantling them or using money to strong arm others, have been a MONOPOLY in "every platform generation shift."

Yeah. That sounds much better. I feel like I just showered. After getting bullshit on my shirt from the CEO's words.

excaliburps38d ago

He is kinda correct but only for last-gen though (PS4 and Battlefield).

ApocalypseShadow38d ago

Having the only sports titles on the market for certain games just gives them a technical win. But that's like winning at bingo but you're the only one playing and you bought off the announcer.

DRambo38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Beautifully written lol. There's no need to write yards of text when those three words sum it up perfectly.

MagicLebronJordan38d ago

Madden has been the best football ever since Tecmo Super Bowl 3 IMO. Thank EA love your games. Sales show Im not the only one.

annoyedgamer38d ago

How much does EA pay you to post these comments?

RosweeSon38d ago

It’s been the best game as there have barely been any others what the point of spending money to go up against a yearly churn multi billion $ corp like EA who have a monopoly on the licenses and people just Lap it up year after year for the same game with squad updates, 🤷🏻‍♂️ Each to their own 😂 I’ll buy 1 copy of Fifa a gen and that’ll be the previous years 2nd hand in about 2-3 years 😑🤣

RosweeSon38d ago

If by leaders they mean those people who used to type “first” on every comment section sure. Just because you bish bash bosh out another yearly churn for day1 doesn’t make you leaders in a generation shift is say that’s goes to say insomniac who are actually pushing the console a bit and making a fully next gen game (ratchet) like infamous for a Ps5 port of the current gen sports game doesn’t count they just make it look nicer and barely change a thing that’s not generation shift that’s trying to balance and stick with where the most are still you won’t see proper next generation versions until end of this year if not next once the older consoles have died off and they don’t have a choice 😑🥱 literally no interest in battlefield again same with cod I’ll stick with deathloop something original

Davros6938d ago

Surely you can't include Fifa. It may have been a leader with menus and commentary but the gameplay has been terrible year after year for God knows how long

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