Google says Stadia is "alive and well"

Developer marketing lead Nate Ahearn and two Stadia Makers studios offer insight into the status of the cloud gaming service.

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Nyxus31d ago

If you have to go around assuring everyone that your product is 'alive and well', you know something is wrong.

darthv7231d ago

It may be alive but certainly not well. On life support perhaps.

kneon30d ago

It's not dead, it's just pining for the Fjords

yeahokwhatever29d ago

if google hadn't nailed it to the perch, it'd be pushing up the daisies.

Sonic-and-Crash31d ago

at the moment no stream Game subscription service has managed to succeed except partialy Game Pass...

conclusion--> No good exclusive games on platform (physical or digital) =Instant death

TheRealTedCruz31d ago

Gamepass and Humble are doing well for themselves. I only can assume Valve is throwing around the idea of their own, and that will be highly successful, if handled properly.

Christopher30d ago

GamePass, Humble, and PSNow are all technically successful based on subscriber numbers and content updates.

princejb13431d ago

If you stay silent about your product something is also wrong

Christopher30d ago

It's not like they haven't announced they aren't going to make any games for it now, closed those studios, and about the people who have left the company in high-level positions.

barom31d ago

Honestly think they made the right choice. If their abysmal revenue forced them to cut costs, I rather them try to get more third party support than getting 1-2 exclusive games every 3-4 years. I had $10 to spend on the service at one point and could not find a game I wanted. Fast forward 6 months and now I can find a handful and RE8 launching day and date is great! Can’t say I use it every day but I prefer the a la carte model compared to subscription service where games come and go all the time and might not be there when you want to play it.

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Hakaro31d ago

As I recall a month or two ago Google said Stadia was doing fine then the very next day they announced they were closing their studios...

Relientk7731d ago

Yeah, so looks like they're going to announce that Stadia is dead soon

anast31d ago

Stadia sucks, it is a dumb idea and the marketing strat. was even worse. To think we have people struggling to pay rent with good ideas, but somehow actual idiots don't struggle at all.

JackBNimble31d ago

That's what happens when billion dollar companies think money will fix a bad idea.

Relientk7731d ago

*Checks the calendar*

Wait, it's not April 1st. What the hell

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The story is too old to be commented.