Dungeons And Dragons: Dark Alliance Comes To PC And Xbox

This could be great. By Jeff Hattem, Head of Studio & Creative Director, Tuque Games   I am thrilled to announce that Dark Alliance will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10 PC.

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Garethvk41d ago

Great point and with Cross Play there will be plenty of game options.

Obscure_Observer41d ago

Another Day One game, another win for Gamepass users!


Garethvk41d ago

Because their are always people who have to disagree or stir things up as well as make personal attacks.

knightedHollow40d ago

Wow. That's a good thing. I wonder if it will be any good....the strong departure from the original is a huge negative for me. But will always wait and see.

AngelicIceDiamond40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I remember reading interview and Phil said they have deals all over the place. They'll partially or fully fund a studios project in turn will release on gamepass day one.

Xbox and PC gamers get the benefit of having it on the service.

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Gridknac41d ago

Gamepass is a game changer no matter what eveybody thinks. Its already paid for itself this year with Dark Alliance and Outriders. 2 games I would have bought, but didn't have too. There's a major value in that no matter how people try and spin it.

ocelot0741d ago

So no one can not say a bad thing about gamepass? If they do they are just trying to spin it?

lonewolf1041d ago

Say bad things, sure, say it is bad value, never.

ocelot0741d ago

My argument here is don't get me wrong. Gamepass is a decent service I like it. However, What puts me off is when games leave the service and you can't play them anymore.

For example mlb or outriders. Good games yes but what if am enjoying still by time if comes of the service? I then have to buy them to continue enjoying.

So in my eyes I might as well of just bought them outright. Or used a better rental service for my need as at the end of the day that's what gamepass is. For example there are disk base services for same price or a little more per month. But can rent any new titles like resident evil village on Xbox or playstation and keep is as long as your a subscriber. They won't take the game off you 3-6 months down the line (like gamepass).

Tacoboto41d ago

Ocelot, see, those complaints are just complaints for the sake of complaining. It's a service, not an entitlement.

Outriders has been out over 30 days - it's now receiving 10% off if you want to own it. And they've historically given two weeks notice before a game is taken off the service.

I don't understand the rationale of complaining about this. You have full ability to buy something on your own. If you're afraid it won't be there one day, just buy it, and it's usually at a discount!

darthv7240d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@ocelot, that is the whole point. You can play as long as you want for one price and there is no returning the title to the store or late fees (like you could incur if you rent the game from a store). And if you want to own it (to continue playing any time) then you can buy it, often for a discount through the service or even better... on the 2nd hand market for less.

Funny thing is GP titles are not limited to just through GP. if you find the game cheaper outside of the service, you can buy it and pop the disc in and play it without having to reinstall or continue to be a GP member. unlike the PS4/5... digital titles you install from GP are still the same data as if you had installed the game from disc. I dont know if you ever tried this but if you download a PS game and it happens to be one that you had installed from disc (horizon or R&C for example since those were both given away for free), it installs next to the other. so you end up with two installations of the same game. And the game saves do not carry over but on XB, the system treats the game as the same so you can start with one version and finish with another. i have done that with several games.

Before i was a GP member, i installed titles like halo 5, quantum break, ryse... and then after joining GP, it saw those games as GP titles (even though i own the discs) and let me play them without having to insert the disc. And it works the other way too. Recently i had installed bloodstained on my one X from gamepass. Well that game is no longer in the service but i can put my disc in and it picks up right where i left off. I think its a pretty neat feature.

So in your case, you like MLB and you find the game is leaving the service. If you buy a cheap copy then you can keep playing after the game is removed from the service. Provided you are using a disc equipped system and not a series S of course.

Kavorklestein40d ago

People can spin till they are dizzy. If someone likes games and has an Xbox or PC (now that PC GP is getting a bit better) it's a no brainer for value.People can Spin for spinning's sake, sure... but to talk as if having unlimited access to some new and old games for a good price (sometimes 1 dollar or free depending on the user or if they use MS rewards) each month as if it's somehow NOT a good deal, is plain out retarded.

40d ago
knightedHollow40d ago

If you're smart you can get gamepads for free every month.

Then you also get a discount for the games on it if you want to purchase them before they leave.

It's not a big negative that games's the same with every subscription service that is similar ..such as netflix.

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jznrpg41d ago

GamePass is for budget gamers . Outriders is janky. Dark Alliance may be fun but nothing to write home about . The value isn’t there to me as I don’t want MS choosing the games I can play and only 3 lower tier multiplats since launch of series X besides old games. I play what I want when I want . AA multiplats and timed exclusives here and there won’t entice me to rent games . Sure Ms exclusives will be coming someday but they haven’t had much in 10 years that made me think I had to play it , they have a lot to prove . If you are on a budget and don’t mind playing old games and getting a low grade multiplat to hold you over until they release an exclusive in 6 months to year from now sure sub away.

Kerppamaister41d ago

You don't have to choose between buying games like we've been doing for ages or game pass. You know you can mix and stuff, right? Get game pass for a month, try games and then buy them to keep for good, right? MS isn't choosing which games you play, come on man.

Gridknac41d ago

No one is holding anything over my head. If I want it, I'll buy it. As for you trying to say Im poor, thats why GP is valuable to me is just an ignorant statement. I have a series x and a ps5. After playing Demons souls and Miles Morales, theres nothing to play on playstation thats not old shit I already played on ps4. Down play it all you want, gamepass is going to be huge.

Leemundo40d ago

What an absurd comment. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say Game Pass is for budget gamers, I think it’s more of a savvy gamers choice. I’ve still purchased your so-called Triple A games as well as broaden my horizons with a multitude of games I simply never would have played if they weren’t on Game Pass. There have also been a number of games I am thrilled I didn’t waste my money on, Outriders and Crackdown 3 were huge disappointments and I didn’t pay a penny for them.
I mean, why pay for Netflix when you can buy all those Triple A films huh?!

slayernz40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

what im interested in regarding gamepass is the money that goes to developers - would be interested to see a comparison study done on the cashflow impacts on a dev for a pre and post gamepass for a similar type game.....because at the end of the day if a dev has lower cashflow then eventually game quality will suffer....

CYALTR40d ago

There are dozens of articles on this. Here is one

They all pretty much say the same thing. Deals are made on a per developer basis. For some this is a good and successful model. Others find it good to extend the life of a game after it has been out a few months. Some like to launch day one for the buzz. Phil Spencer is on record saying that they way they pay developers is handled on a case by case basis so ideally it works for both parties. If it doesn't work for the developer, they are not under any obligation to participate.

All of these companies are in business for one primary reason, to make money. MS seems to be finding a way for it to work for everyone, at least for now. I find it to be a good deal personally, so I subscribe. More choices are always good in my book.

slayernz39d ago

thanks but i didnt want an article on what devs think of gamepass, wanted to see something around the actual game1 wasnt on gamepass and sold X copies, revenue was X....verses game2 which is similar and was on gamepass, downloaded X times, revenue was X, additional copies sold etc....

MasterChief362441d ago

I recently played a one-shot, my first pen and paper RPG (Pathfinder) and loved it so much. I'm excited to try out the games based on the world!

Christopher40d ago

Pathfinder and Forgotten Realms are two different campaign settings. If you've played Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and similar games you've experienced the same setting.

Christopher40d ago

Scarred Lands is my favorite campaign setting. Between Forgotten Realms and Pathfinder (Golarion), I prefer mostly Forgotten Realms because it's so filled with potential but it does sometimes linger way too long on specific characters (the ones in this game are part of that). If you're new to the setting, especially not playing the PnP game, this game will likely feel very fresh for you, though.

Anomander41d ago

Excellent news. I was planning on buying this game but now I'll get to try it out through Gamepass first then pick it up pick it up if it feels good.

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