Celebrating 20 Years of Xbox

Xbox Wire: "Do you remember where you were when you played your first Xbox game? It may be hard to believe, but this year will mark the 20th anniversary of Xbox."

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darthv7236d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Would it be safe to assume Halo will release on/around the 20th anniversary? I get that they tried to make it a launch title for Series X/S but if there was ever a better time to release it... the 20th anniversary would be it.

And personally, the og xbox still has one of the coolest startup openings.

Tacoboto36d ago

I'm betting that they'll do a special 20th Anniversary Halo console for the fall.

darthv7236d ago

I'd definitely be down for an official themed Series X/S, and I'd prob buy both. Right now the only themed systems are custom ones. Like this one for Hood:

chiefJohn11736d ago

Exactly what I been waiting for

Darkborn36d ago

This game needs to be done properly before release. I'm not getting it, but I still don't want it to be a complete mess for the people that do buy it or get it from gamepass.

darthv7236d ago

The game has been worked on for so long, they got all the core mechanics down, this last hurdle is the finer details getting ironed out. All the critique from the previous reveal. So yeah, this will be fully fleshed out and ready for release in November.

Darkborn35d ago

Maybe. I heard reports of a complete overhaul based on criticism.

alextdarling36d ago

I really want Microsoft to do well simply for the fact that it'll be a benefit for gamers regardless of platform, a more competitive market only leads to improved services and products.

Whether you dislike them or not, they've brought some great (often recycled) games to the table

knightedHollow36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I wouldn't say loot boxes and mtx are an improved product

But normally yes

Tacoboto36d ago

Mtx like that virtual currency in Destruction Allstars? Or like those $1.99 face mask costume pieces you can still buy for TLOU Remastered?

SlothLordPootus36d ago

@Tacoboto The key is that Sony uses MTX sparingly, whereas Microsoft added them to Doom Eternal just months after their acquisition went through. After it had been promised by Bethesda that would never happen to the game.

Tacoboto35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Sparingly? They hardly make games anymore where multiplayer is a critical component, and those that do have Mtx no different than the way MS does. Uncharted 4 even has a $50 virtual currency DLC

If you want to bring up Ghost of Tsushima as having no Mtx, I'll just refer you to Halo MCC. New cosmetics have been added twice this year already and all are progression-based

knightedHollow35d ago


I think you've mistaken me for a fanboy of some kind. Yes virtual currency, skins, costume pieces...all that crap in games nowadays that used to be unlockable through gameplay. And not just stupid gameplay like getting points for completing the main quest or after every match. It was by completing certain hidden challenges.

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TheEnigma31336d ago

Sony and Nintendo does well whether MS does good or not.

Orchard35d ago

Likely true, but gamers don't. We get screwed if there is no / low competition.

SlothLordPootus36d ago

Buying up one of the largest publishers is the opposite of competitive. Though I agree, having Microsoft around is obviously good for the industry as a whole (unless they keep buying).

Sometimes I sit back and try to imagine what they could have done if they invested $8 billion in organic studio development. How many jobs would that have added to the industry? There's loads of developers out there that want good paying jobs, and Microsoft could have supplied them.

chiefJohn11736d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I remember....and I hated it lol. That giant controller my hands could barely hold and some boring space marine shooter called Halo. Would've never thought 7 years later my opinion about the brand and game would flip.

It's funny cause had it not been for Sony botching ps3, (a lot of my friends had which to Xbox and played games like Fable 2) me being broke and having to settle for gaming on the crappy PC I had. (Where I bought Halo CE after Halo 3 hype) MS never would've had my purchase and I'd never would've became a Halo fan. Butterfly effect is real

darthv7236d ago

the 'duke' was definitely not for small hands. I have big hands so it felt natural but when the controller S came out... wow what a difference.

chiefJohn11736d ago

I was a child then and that controller was not kid friendly

darthv7236d ago

I got my first xbox at the office xmas party in Dec of 2001. It was done as an auction type of giveaway, where each employee was given the same amount of fake $$ to bid with. And we knew that the xbox was one of the prizes but there was also dvd players and portable stereos and all kinds of stuff. My boss was the caller and he would give out clues to what the item we were bidding on was. And I remember his clue was "plays discs" and had this feeling he was leading things off with one of 5 xbox systems he had acquired at the time (I remember they were kind of hard to get).

People started off with 50 and then 100 and 200 and i spoke up (with loudest voice) and bid it all. $600 and he immediately said "Sold". I went to the front and opened the box and sure enough... there it was. I still have the original box and everything. The first game i played was Oddworld Munch's odyssey but soon i picked up Halo and from that point on, I was hooked.

I will say working for that company was a fun time in my life. My boss liked games and every xmas party he would try to offer some sort of gaming system among other things. the following year i got the gamecube (w/starfox adventures) and the year after that was the PS2 network bundle. I had a PS2 before that but the DVD laser had died and so it could only play CD games but this network bundle was the newer model (w/built in IR port) and that one is what i still use today (modded with a 320gb hdd and free mcboot).

knightedHollow36d ago

It's a great thing that they managed to stick around

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