Devs reveal their upcoming DualSense wireless controller implementations

From tactile sensations to bursts of emotional energy, here’s a peek at some creative uses for the DualSense controller.

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Nyxus31d ago

Looking forward to playing more games that use these features, it really adds something to the experience.

bouzebbal31d ago

I turn on ps5 just for the controller.. I love the feel of it, haptics are a game changer

sourOG31d ago

When the returnal treatment becomes standard it’s going to be wild. Right now it’s barely being used. Going from returnal to re village it was highly noticeable and kinda disappointing that it wasn’t there lol.

akaFullMetal31d ago

Loved so far what devs have implemented. Love feeling rain on the controller or astrobot on sand/ ice, mud. Fun stuff and we just started the gen.