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James Berich: "Mass Effect: Legendary Edition stands tall as one of the best remasters that I've ever played. The amount of care and effort that has gone into restoring the original Mass Effect along with the other two games is unmatched. While there are some underlying minor design issues with the original game, Legendary Edition is the best way to experience the Mass Effect trilogy. Period."

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GiiPii38d ago

Respect to the developers, I can't wait the next ME game!

Visceral8938d ago

Even tho it's not that big of a deal because its single player only games, it still bothers me the series x gets 120 fps and PS5 doesn't

jznrpg38d ago

I played DMC at 120 FPS and the only thing I noticed was that the graphics look a lot better at 60fps . I couldn’t tell the difference in movement from 60-120fps . It’s really overrated unless you are playing an online multiplayer shooter (which I don’t play anyways)I couldn’t care less about 120fps especially with a single player game . Sure it sounds nice but it looks the same you can not see or feel the difference from 60fps .

Imortus_san38d ago

9.5? Damm, is this one bug free?

37d ago