Cosmic Red DualSense Controller More Expensive Than Standard Price, Release Date Revealed

It's now confirmed that the Cosmic Red DualSense controller will be a bit more expensive than the standard priced PS5 controllers. Release date and new screenshots revealed, too.

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waverider78d ago

Dude, of course it is. Its the Cosmic version of dualsense. Much more powerfull then the standard gamepad. Also waiting for the ultra instinct gamepad and the Hakai version!

Nitrowolf278d ago

you know what, I'll bite if there was a special Ultra Instinct controller. Like the light bar glows it.

waverider78d ago

I would buy one. Maybe first the Hakai version. Im team Vegeta!

kayoss77d ago

Ill totally get the Yamacha "is dead" controller. Pretty much the controller comes with a dead battery and the thumbsticks pointing in the opposite directions.

gamesftw25078d ago

The new colors looks fantastic.

Timzster77d ago

Hopefully besides the colors, the grip feels great.

excaliburps77d ago

Not sure if this is a sarcastic comment or a legit one...

77d ago
Christopher77d ago

I'm going to assume it's because manufacturing costs are higher right now?

S2Killinit77d ago

Jokes aside, They both look great Im two hearted about which to get. I need a second controller and held out for new colors. Last gen, the red controller was my favorite, this red looks different. Its almost violet but it might be really high quality in person especially if that explains why it costs slightly more. On the other hand, if there is a red dualsense at some point more akin to last gen’s I must have that, so Im thinking I get the black for now.

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smolinsk77d ago

The Black one for me. looks nice

Giblet_Head77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

These things are like a litmus test to see how many are too hopeless to dissemble and work a can of spray paint.

Jin_Sakai77d ago

Why? It would be more expensive and lesser quality the OEM.

Giblet_Head77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

"more expensive"
How much do you think a can of spray paint costs?
"and lesser quality the OEM"
That's subjective to whatever you're using. There's plenty that are available for plastics.

Jin_Sakai77d ago

You have to buy an additional controller if you want more than one color.

Giblet_Head77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

@Jin_Sakai You can just dissemble the one you already own and repaint the shell. Way cheaper.

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StoneyYoshi77d ago

Please explain how you would get the buttons colored to match as well? 🧐

Giblet_Head77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Either do it yourself or pick up some buttons off ebay or amazon. Simple. This isn't rocket science.

Shiore2u77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

saving money is a very foreign concept to these people they're so comfortable being suckers its all they know.


How many people paint their own shit. Get over yourself.

Paint will wear off, too. And it will change the texture of the shell.

Giblet_Head77d ago

Quite a few do. There's an entire DIY scene. You'd know that if you weren't completely ignorant.

StoneyYoshi77d ago

@Giblet. You still haven't answered my question above.

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darthv7277d ago

It's only $5 more... I was thinking it would be like some of the special editions I have gotten which was closer to $100-150 ea. $5 i can handle.

Duke1977d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Seriously is that it? "More expensive" for $5 lol... shit I guess I wont have a coffee that day

Mustakrakish77d ago

I think the point for some is that it should just be the same price. Why does it need to cost more? Controllers are already a ripoff.

Neonridr76d ago

question is why is it more though?

Fluke_Skywalker76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Cause metallic red dye costs more than black I would assume.

Snookies1277d ago

I don't often really care for red controllers... I don't think I've ever seen one I actually liked. This one is a brilliant shade of red though. I honestly think it's the best looking color out of the three currently available.

darthv7277d ago (Edited 77d ago )

some notable red controllers would be the Res evil 5 360 one, gears of war 3 360, god of war ascension DS3, crimson omen gears 4 xbo and who could forget the spider-man DS4.

Teflon0277d ago

Xbox control colours stay on point, that's one thing I know.

Duke1977d ago

Its definitely a far more refined/classy red. Im right there with you - where I hate "gaudy" colors, but this actually looks really sharp.

SlothLordPootus76d ago

The red ps4 controller I REALLY liked. Not the newer version, but the one that had the contrast with the red and black.

Neonridr76d ago

looking at it I don't even see red. I see a deep pink personally. Nothing wrong with it though, just my 2 cents.

darthv7276d ago

kind of like that volcano shadow xbox one controller

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