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bestofyou35d ago

I knew I should have waited little longer to get a new one.

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SullysCigar35d ago

I'm still holding out for purple, but these do look great!

darthv7235d ago

Oh i bet they have a slew of colors and themes planned. Cant wait to start adding these on

Popsicle35d ago

Been waiting to pick up a 2nd controller in hopes of a black model. Very happy to see this!


We need official Sony plates now!

Teflon0235d ago

The slight blue tint on the under half of the black looks crazy good

Tres2134d ago

The last week I been going to target looking at it and even was going to just get the decals but I was like im gonna wait just a lil longer and it paid off specially that red 1.

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MaximusPrime_35d ago

Hope these controllers will have better battery life. It seems my current controller's battery life is shorter than PS4's controllers

Toiletsteak35d ago

You must have a faulty controller

MaximusPrime_35d ago

Yeah I just realised that after posted. I checked with my brother and his controller is ok. Oh well, I guess I'd get that black controller then

DaveZero34d ago

Alot of people have faulty controller.

Jin_Sakai35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I knew it wouldn’t be long before someone come in and derailed the comment section.

On topic: Love the black but that shade of red is amazing!

Darkborn35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Both of my controllers I use all day, sometimes 2 days of gaming 4-5 hours each day and watching Netflix and stuff and they still have a bar or so of juice. And I play stuff like demons souls, and games ps5 games that usually have duelsense features enabled. I would easily say I get at least 8-10 hours or more for both of my controllers.

Teflon0235d ago

Yeah I know I've yet to have it die on a full day session so I'd say maybe 10 to 12 is definitely on normal use. Probably 8-10 on games that properly utilize the control

Zhipp34d ago

Is 8-10hrs good? I could swear that's barely better than what I get with my DS4. I was hoping Dualsense would be hitting that sweet spot of ~20hrs.

StoneyYoshi35d ago

I would report that for a warranty replacement if it doesn't last longer than the DS4.

TheExecutioner35d ago

Cosmetics doesn’t have to do something with battery life even if you controller is faulty

Orchard34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

You can probably still return it under warranty - don't sit with a broken controller and go out and buy a new one!

I get it if you want a new color, but then you at least have a 2nd fully functioning white controller for backup / coop etc.

Also 49+ downvotes for having a broken controller? Geez.

SullysCigar34d ago

No, the disagrees were because he thought it was normal for the DualSense to last less time than the PS4 controller, which isn't the case at all.

He's since realised that's not usual and all is cool. No big deal lol

hiawa2334d ago

I agree as my controller battery doesn't last long either.

Tres2134d ago

I might have to look into if mine is a default then also I thought it had more to do with the lights and mic but that was the biggest reason I wanted a 2nd controller so I could let one charge cause I can't go a full day with out it dying or showing low battery

REDGUM34d ago

In response to you're 2nd comment, you should be able to swap the controller with Sony as it sounds defective. 1yr min warranty on all electrical items. Maybe if you hold onto it till the new ones arrive you might be able to choose a colour?

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Nyxus35d ago

Man that black one looks nice...

ScootaKuH35d ago

Yup. I need a second controller so this will do the job nicely

mania56835d ago

both colors look great, i need to pick a second controller but i want both of them...

zsquaresoff35d ago

That midnight black will look nice sitting next to the og white DS.

Sniperwithacause35d ago

They both look real nice. I went ahead and preorder the red one. $80 after taxes. At least being a PS+ member I got free shipping.

Nicknasty34d ago

Same here, free release day shipping. Also went with the red, too nice looking to pass up. Glad I held out for a 2nd controller. These controllers could wind up being hard to get.