Now's A Good Time To Play World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Whether you're a new player or a lapsed veteran, there's never been a better time to play World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

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Abriael36d ago

There hasn't been a good time to play WoW since 2010. Obsolete is obsolete.

Michiel198935d ago

MoP and to a lesser extent Legion was pretty good though, i think that those expansions were definitely worth my time. for the rest i agree.

Duke1935d ago

Its so sad, but seriously - this game needs to die at this point. Give us something new to replace it, not just milking this corpse of what it once was

Tapani35d ago

I played until the third expansion and finished it, never got into the post-game stuff too much, it was kind of boring. Wondering if it would make sense to start this over for one more round from the beginning to the end. FFXIV didn't have the charm this has, didn't like the system as it didn't have that much freedom in terms of equipment (not enough random stuff that could drop and change the game for you, very linear progression.) Although I love the music in FFXIV and it is very polished. Maybe I should play that instead... hmm... thoughts?

DarthMarvin35d ago

To this day I haven't been able to figure out how to make an account to be able to play FF XIV.

Michiel198935d ago

I personally cant deal with the FFXIV delay on abiliities, they do it to reduce lag for players with high ping or somethng...but god the game would be so much fun if that delay wasnt there. If you can deal with the stifness of the gameplay youre gonna enjoy the game for sure.

Kaii35d ago

I watched the "TLDR - Asmon/Bellular "I'M DONE!" video.
You ship something imperfect, and over the course of the xpack you fix your imperfect system In major content patches .1/.2/.3.

Zones aren't designed with creativity In mind anymore, It's designed to waste your time travel time-wise.
*It's only a good time to return when you obviously want to waste your time on something designed to waste your time.

anast35d ago

I finally downloaded Diablo 3 and it's worse than I thought. Wow hasn't been fun in a very long time. Now is the time to stay away from Blizzard.