How Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is bringing Pixar magic to the PS5

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart was made to be the PlayStation 5’s first true technical showcase, but the story behind it has plenty of heart. GQ spoke to its creative director at Insomniac Games, Marcus Smith, to find out more.

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SullysCigar33d ago

Every aspect that they've shown is gorgeous. Loving the attention to detail lavished on this game.

Hakaro33d ago

I honestly think Insomniac is the best developer in the industry right now.

Paleblood33d ago

One of the best for sure. Housemarque and Insomniac are showing mastery of the PS5 hardware so early in the generation. It is crazy.

RaiderNation33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

They're up there! I don't think their games have QUITE the quality that Naughty Dog games do (though this game may put them over the top, we'll see), but they make up for it by being more prolific. I'm just glad they're both under the PlayStation development umbrella.

Hakaro33d ago

ND is a fine studio, but ND released 3 games last generation. Insomniac release 16 games between the launch of PS4 and the launch of PS5 not even counting MM. And they did that across 3 different platforms +VR. We;re not even a year in and Insomniac have already released MM and and R&C. Plus you know they are working on Spiderman 2 and It's almost guaranteed they will have some game to launch with PSVR 2.

For real this is the hardest working team in the business.

boing133d ago

Crazy how close this is to an actual Pixar movie.

Abear2133d ago

Ratchet is the antithesis of Returnal and a welcome breath of fresh air. I’ll wait to hear impressions about the length because I probably won’t replay this game. Still, it’s more great quality and added balance to the Library so early and I expect this to be the highest rated PS5 game by a long shot.

CyberSentinel33d ago

I can’t wait to see the sales numbers on this release…🤔

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