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Xbox believes Game Pass is becoming a "central aspect of people's gaming lives" and it has the data

Microsoft talks Xbox Game Pass and the research indicating its subscribers are becoming more social because of the service.

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Community77d ago
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Jin_Sakai77d ago

It’s a great deal and the fact there’s really no next gen Xbox exclusives to play 6 month in gives even more reason to subscribe.

Sonic-and-Crash77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

haha you should have added /s at the end some countries(in Europe where i live) .....noone is buying XSX or asking for it , just sits there on shelves...a lot of gamers and retailers say that has already lost (reached the bottom) ....

DJStotty77d ago

Europe's largest market (the UK) is still out of stock countrywide, so.....

Highrevz77d ago Show
Jericho133777d ago

Whatever helps you to sleep at night mate. There is a shortage of both consoles, whether it be due to supply or demand.

rakentaja77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

This doesn't make the Xbox meaningless if a large number of people prefer a PC or a PS. There is no logic in your sentence.

JEECE77d ago

Lol Xbox always does far worse in Europe. The US is where it makes its money.

Imortus_san77d ago

In Portugal = Sony land, the XSX is out of stock, consoles dont last more then minutes 1h tops in any store.

Notellin77d ago

That anecdotal made up internet evidence! Find better places and situations to waste your time.

DaveZero76d ago

Wow you must know alot of people to make that kind of statement.

It's funny but in UK where I live you can't even get it in my hometown.

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darthv7277d ago (Edited 77d ago )

It's funny, when the idea of this was being tossed around... I wasn't sold on it. It wasn't until they were really pushing the $1 trial that i said, why not. And since then I have been hooked. I even trade in my Bing search points for monthly extensions.

I dont think I've paid full price for a month or even a year yet. I will say that i have bought several games at a discount through the service, like blazing chrome and west of dead. Just last night i decided to keep the new Battletoads so it was on sale for $15

Automatic7977d ago

Well done @Darth

I felt the same in the beginning with XGP.
However, after enjoying one game a discovering the next I realized I needed what XGP offers. The one thing people forget is that you still have option to purchase. I haven't stopped buying because I am on Xbox GamePass. As a matter of fact there are games that I purchased because of Xbox GamePass.

darthv7277d ago

^^so true. I can only speak for myself but i have bought more games because of GP than not. I do like my physical media as well so I may start off playing a GP game and then decide this is worth keeping. And if there is a physical copy available, i buy that. Did it with Street of rage 4, Ace combat 7, bloodstained (to name a few). And when those games leave GP, I can continue playing the physical copy on my One X as I install the GP version to both my Series S and one X. i just remove it from my Series S when the game leaves as then i have made room for the next game to tickle my fancy.

Hakaro77d ago

And you think the future of gaming can be supported by your Bing searches? You think they can pay off 7b on Bethesda plus pay for all the new game development on Bing searches?

Gamepass is a Trojan horse.

Knushwood Butt77d ago

Are the discounted games subsidized by MS, or do the publishers just drop their price?

Jupt curious.

hadowajp77d ago

@hakaro searches have worked out pretty well for google no? Id baselessly bet ad services bring in more cash for bing than GP brings in for Xbox.

Petebloodyonion76d ago

It's basically how MS got me too Darth I use the promotion during Black Friday where I usually buy a bunch of games at cheap price and found out that the majority of these games were on Gamepass at the time (Plague tales, Dishonored 2, and Bloodstained to name a few)
It's actually easy to find a deal online to reduce the monthly price (I suggest using the EA play method where you subscribe to EA play and it convert for 4 months Gamepass (basically a 50% rebate)

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Aquafiniac77d ago

I actually just canceled my game pass subscription. No point in paying when there isn’t anything good for me anymore as of late. Also I
just bought the mass effect legendary edition so that’s going to take atleast 2 months of my time.
Probably re subscribe after I beat it.

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alb189977d ago

Say whatever you want but I'm playing like never before and that is because of Gamepass without a doubt. To think that I'm paying much less is crazy.
FIFA 21, the Show 21, NBA 21, all bedesda games, EA games plus the Medium and Darksiders....uffff!

Rude-ro77d ago

After skipping a decade of making any new AAA new games and a very small collection of must have indie games...
I do not see the viability in your comment.
Then we have to play the waiting game to see what type of experiences Microsoft will offer in the future.
Paying $170 a year for said output is... for a lack of a better term.. a waste.
Even what is temporarily offered on gamepass will get stale if it is not already.

chiefJohn11777d ago

Just about every major release ends up on Gamepass. Anything that gets stale new games added will surely give you that refresh you're looking for.

Sayai jin77d ago

I see what your saying, but.your comment is self defeating. Since the there are no first party exclusives is the reason why you say ot gives people incentive to buy GP; in the same term, whe the have first party games will gice thema reason to get GP.

Orbilator77d ago

I don't use game pass as I have bought all my games. There is nothing on game pass the interests me, that I didn't own already. I'm sure it's a great deal if your a small child with no cash and your dad's not buying you a game every month but for me, and I mean this as an Xbox and ps5 owner that I can't justify wasting money on gamepass and none of the ms content interests me either at the moment.

Kavorklestein77d ago

That content will change. Not a matter of if, just when.

chiefJohn11776d ago

Umm. How bout sub for a month....($5) then buy the game you like and save 10% ($3-6) basically getting your money back from the sub so you aren't "wasting" money on GP. And the good news (if that's not already) you get to play hundreds of other games within that month you may discover you enjoy. And guess what? You can buy those too :)

But hey if playing your favorite games at a cheaper rate and playing even more games you didn't know you'd like is wasting money then.....okay lmao

DJStotty76d ago


"and I mean this as an Xbox and ps5 owner that I can't justify wasting money on gamepass and none of the ms content interests me either at the moment."

So why did you waste money on an xbox? there must be zero games you play on it....

Godmars29076d ago

"no exclusives gives more reason to subscribe"?


Bad enough you don't even realize that you're talking about the XB1 and PC. That the Series X isn't a factor in GP's "success".

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purple10177d ago

Lots of shops (in the UK) have removed Xbox and just sell PlayStation. Games / accessories.

Eg. The big electronic retailers such as Curry's and of pc world. also I've been in some supermarkets such as Asda and Sainsbury's that have no Xbox section anymore.! No consoles. No games. No accessories.

DJStotty77d ago

That is odd, my local Tesco and Asda, still have an xbox section, maybe it is down to an area decision? But not every supermarket had a dedicated electronics/gaming section anyway, so that could also be the case in the supermarkets you have been in.

As far as i know, or have seen, Curry's (PC world, both same company) still have an xbox section.

Highrevz77d ago

It’s not odd it’s just lies, nothing new there.

alextdarling77d ago

Sainsburys dont sell this stuff anymore, they offload it to Argos now.

Currys & PC World is the same business & they do stock this stuff, Just because a single store didnt have any stock doesnt mean thats the same for the whole UK...

Jericho133777d ago

Absolute rubbish, there’s bias and then there’s flat out lies. All the shops you mentioned carry just as many Xbox products as they do PS, they’d only be losing out otherwise.

Maybe your level of delusion has made you physically blind to anyone without a PS label on it.

Kavorklestein77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Shhhhh! 2 niche exclusive Games, and 1 game that comes out a month from now and paying 210 bucks+ (depending on the country you reside) to play all 3, CLEARLY spells doom for Xbox and Gamepass.

Except Xbox owns DOOM, so Idk.

DJStotty76d ago

Exactly, if it was true, you can guarantee it would be headline news lol..

Pickledpepper77d ago

You must live in a really deprived part of the country where people live on the bread line so the stores only stock bare essentials, where I live, asda, currys and sainsbury's all sell xbox, playstation and switch games and accessories.

IRetrouk77d ago

Not buying what your selling, I love ps...but Come on man🤦‍♂️

Latex7477d ago

That's strange all the above shops by me all still sell xbox and accessories and currys and pc world sold out of series x constantly. So maybe just by you

purple10175d ago

To the people who bashed my comment. Just because I've seen it and you haven't doesn't mean it doesn't exist blah blah blah.

At the very least tell me that you've been into a shop and seen PlayStation dedicated about 10 rows vertical and Xbox section about two rows.

Infact I remember distinctly my local GAME had most of the shop ps. Some Nintendo some pc. And very little Xbox.

Literally the neon green section, was less than half the size of the blue section.

So don't tell me it doesn't exist, I've seen it, it didnt used to be like this. But it is now.

Thanks muchly. Ta.

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alextdarling77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Its a central aspect for people that use the service. The same as Netflix is, if you use pay for the service then you probably use it alot, I think people need to read the article before commenting

anast77d ago

Too bad the title doesn't reflect the content.

Petebloodyonion76d ago

Your forget that this is N4G where ppl reads the headline and go straight to comments.