It Takes Nearly a Week In-Game to Cap Destiny 2's Newly Released Transmog System

Before release, players were less than thrilled with Bungie's answer to the ever requested and highly desired transmog system in Destiny 2.

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Kaii36d ago

Idiocy In this Idea: Developers allowed it for free In the first place.
When you go out of your way to monetize your game, It tells your audience something.

Same with AC Vikings
Yay for extra ways to charge the consumer

JeffGUNZ35d ago

Man. It is such a shame to see Destiny now. Bungie has a mega monster on the tips of their fingers but they just seem to fuck it up over and over. They absolutely nailed it with Foresaken, all they had to do was follow that expansion DLC method and this game would flourish. Instead, they see how successful that was then decided to do seasons and barely release content. Then, when they finally add something the player base has been begging for, they make it a ridiculous grind fest and ruin it. I built my PC for this game I loved it so much. Now the thought of launching this game makes me sick.

D3TH_D33LR35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

After forsaken when they started releasing seasons and making this game that much grindier and that much more of a time sink (and waste with constant light level increases making old gear obsolete) I just uninstalled and moved on. I recently got a pc too and this was one of the first games I got. Played it for a couple hours with last season and nah, I just can’t be bothered anymore. Constantly feels like Bungies punishing me for playing a lot but then it also has this fear of missing out if you don’t. Not playing destiny and picking up other games has me enjoying my gaming time again. So over the frustration this game brings to itself

Yppupdam34d ago

Bungie is so stupid, they threw away the loyalty of even their most ardent players. and for what, greed so obvious that you would have to question who really was the bad actor in the Activision/bungie years. well, i'm done with the game.