Return of 'Xbox Design Lab' leaked

While looking through the store searching for weekly bargains, I thought I'd check the controllers, because I'm constantly tempted with the new Electric Volt colour.
Surprisingly I saw a listing via the Xbox Series X store, here in the UK, for 100% off a 'Design Labs' controller.

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DJStotty41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Possibly, they said it was due to return this year, as soon as it does, i will be getting my custom Series X controller!!

darthv7241d ago

design lab is cool but when i see these controllers up for sale, it always throws me off thinking they were official retail releases.

TylerID40d ago

At least they have lots of controllers.

neomahi40d ago

Well, given the reveal of the new Dualsense Controllers from PlayStation and how awesome they look, I would think so, afterall, thats what Microsoft does, they peddle just to keep up with innovation of which they have none, which is precisely what always leaves them dragging behind. Phil Spencer doesnt know how to innovative, hes a photocopy machine and its why Xbox always comes in dead last:

1) PlayStation 2
2) Nintendo Gamecube
3) Microsoft Xbox

1) Nintendo Wii
2) PlayStation 3
3) Xbox 360

1) PlayStation 4
2) Nintendo Switch
3) Xbox One

1) PS5
2) Nintendo Switch Lite
3) Xbox SEX/S

What more can I say.

Atom66640d ago

Haha, did you really list the Lite in the last one to somehow elevate PS in your stupid little lists?

That's a new one.

neomahi40d ago

Fine, review the current generation, I dont really even need it to prove my point, considering the PS5 is outselling Xbox SEX 4:1, how ya like me now?

Atom66640d ago

You're randomly (and incorrectly) posting console sale rankings because you got triggered by Xbox's controller customizer.

"How you like me now?"

Can't say that I feel one way or another about you. You seem to just be a random kid on the internet who is trying way too hard at....something.