EA: People Will Be “Really Blown Away” by Battlefield 2021 Reveal; Looks Great on Every Platform

EA says that people will really be "blown away" by the Battlefield 2021 reveal trailer, and that it looks great on every platform

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AngelicIceDiamond39d ago

Pretty sure they'll have gameplay at MS E3 and day one on gamepass.

Silly gameAr39d ago

A good ol double dose of live services for everyone.

seanpitt2338d ago

Didn’t they say this about cyberpunk 2077 “looks and play great on every platform” this is just total BS PR for you to run and buy the game so they can get your money before the shit show starts…

AngelicIceDiamond38d ago

We don't know if the game is live service. I certainly hope not.

UltraNova38d ago

They will have something similar to COD's Season pass, if not the exact same system.

Nineball211239d ago

Day one on GamePass would be awesome!!

seanpitt2338d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Doubt it! they might put it on EA pass 6 months down the line after they get all that dollar in

stupidusername39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I really doubt it will be on gamepass day one, especially Pc game pass. If that were to happen Microsoft would have had severe diarrhea shitting EA up to the neck with money. I doubt either would take the risk of losing/gaining profit on BF.
But then again, it’s microsoft.

StoneyYoshi39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

If EA puts the game on EA Play Day 1 (which is highly likely) then it technically will be day 1 for Gamepass subscribers which makes it a Day 1 Gamepass release. People seem to forget that EA Play is included with Gamepass. I hope this is the case since I pay for Gamepass on PC.

stupidusername39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Why is it «highly likely» that EA puts it on EA Play day one?
They have never put any of their heavy hitters on EA play day one. Fifa 21 took 8 months to appear, Mass effect isn’t coming, Star Wars Squadrons and Jedi didn’t appear until months after. Have I missed something?

Nitrowolf238d ago


EA HAS NEVER done that before and I doubt they will start doing it now.

a 10 trial? Yes, but i think they had level caps in the last one

StoneyYoshi38d ago (Edited 38d ago )


IDK guys, I recall playing The fallen order through EA play on PC on launch week. Thats even how I played Anthem Day 1 on PC and thankfully I never purchased it. I cant remember if I purchased BF5 or played through EA Play first. But thats what I remember being able to do. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Maybe its not exactly the same through GP?

Oh wait!! Now that I've been thinking about it, that was EA Play Pro for PC which has new releases day 1. Sorry guys that was my mistake but technically neither of us were completely right lol. 😅 Heres a link that compares both subscriptions benefits. Its 10 bucks more a month but worth it to try out games for a month rather than buying full price and hating the game. Just pay for the month of the new game release and cancel renewal.

AngelicIceDiamond38d ago


Its only rumor obviously it could probably never happen they don have EA's game collection on gamepass and even adding more recent titles on their. It's just like you said it is MS after all so who knows.

Gunstar7538d ago

Yep and MS has $$$$$ to spend. Love it

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RaiderNation39d ago

Why would they put it in Gamepass on day one when they already have EA Play? It wont even be in EA Play day one, so why would they put it in Gamepass day one?

StoneyYoshi38d ago

EA Play Pro for PC will have it Day 1.

"Access to all of EA’s latest games- EA Play is 10 day trial, and EA Play Pro for PC is unlimited access."

blacktiger39d ago

online fps with gamepass is a bad idea. talk about lag with mouse and keyboard wireless what makes you think internet connection would be good for multiplayer?

StoneyYoshi38d ago

You are mixing up xcloud and gamepass....

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Timzster38d ago

Here's hoping the E3 showcase will be good, and whatever incentives they announce will be good to fans and players alike.

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Jin_Sakai39d ago

How about let the game do the talking. I’ve heard this over and over by developers only to be disappointed.

Fishy Fingers39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

To be fair this is a financial report to investors, they've not asked media outlets to pick up on it or be doing nthe rounds with interviews regurgitating the same quotes.

Angelin38d ago

I just don’t get why a financial report is public. And when i think of a financial report i think of an excel spreadsheet

Fishy Fingers38d ago

Because they're a Public company.

medman38d ago

Anybody remember how good ol' Phil Spencer was singing the praises of Halo Infinite to the rafters before it's conference reveal following Playstation's June showcase? He "felt good" about what Microsoft had to show after seeing what PS5 showed. What a joke. Nearly one year later the series x still hasn't produced a single first party game for the system.

Snookies1239d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Kind of hard to blow us away when you're releasing for a previous generation. I don't even own a current-gen console, but it's clearly going to be held back a good bit because of cross-generational development.

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DJStotty39d ago

Not necessarily, the may have used the PS5/Series as the lead development platforms, and then turned certain assets off to run good on last gen.

Kurt Russell39d ago

Battlefield operated like this during the PS3/360 era. The consoles had their ports which were stripped back in terms of player and vehicle count. Whilst the PC had more of both. I imagine this will be the same.

CrimsonWing6939d ago

Not trying to be a d*ck but please show me a cross-gen game that was built on current-gen as the lead development platform that looked miles away better than the version on last-gen. Cross-gen will always hold a next-gen game back. I have never seen anything cross-gen look exceptionally better than the last-gen version.

annoyedgamer39d ago

If they used any console as the lead then it isnt going to blow anyone away. Battlefield made a comeback because it was focusing on its roots...the PC. This game is going to be a mess, but it will sell because people are clowns.

DJStotty38d ago (Edited 38d ago )


Pretty sure i never claimed next-gen as the lead platform? I was simply saying that is what hypothetically, they may do.

"show me a cross-gen game that was built on current-gen as the lead development platform that looked miles away better than the version on last-gen."

Don't all cross-gen games look better than last-gen versions? otherwise, what is the point of PS5 and Series S|X?

CrimsonWing6938d ago

"Don't all cross-gen games look better than last-gen versions? otherwise, what is the point of PS5 and Series S|X?"

They don't that's my point. Miles Morales looked just like the PS4 version, there might be some improved framerate and raytracing, but no it isn't like cross-gen titles look night and day on different generations of hardware. Look at Resident Evil 8 on PS4 and PS5. Cross-Gen 100% holds back what a true "from the ground up" game for next-gen could be. This has always been the case since the days of the 360 like Peter Jackson's King Kong.

RosweeSon38d ago

Or more likely build it for PS4 and it’s 100 million user base and just turn it up a bit for the newer consoles. 😑🥱🤣 I’m not worried about it looking great on all platforms as it should anyway whichever ones they choose to release on I want it looking great and by far the best on the new consoles and that won’t happen for another year or 2 until they drop the last gen. Which they won’t it’s all about the money not the experience or the quality they just wanna make money, not mine 😑👋🏻 29315;

DJStotty38d ago


I have to somewhat disagree, the games i have played using Series X, look, feel, and play a lot better than as opposed to on my One X. Sure, we have not got those WOW next-gen hard hitters on xbox, and these will not arrive till the end of this year and next (or whenever they choose to release on Series X only, the sooner the better imo).

Sure they are currently only minor improvements over last-gen, and PS5 gamers are getting the better fruit from the tree at the moment, and i can not wait till install base on both next-gen platforms increase to push 3rd party to next-gen development only, i want to see what these SSD's and new tech in the consoles can do, because lets be honest, at the moment the tech is wasted.

I think there is only R&C that is somewhat utilising the PS5's SSD, (not sure about returnal, someone will probably correct me on this) and at the moment, on xbox the only game slightly tapping into the tech is the Medium.

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D3TH_D33LR39d ago

You’re assuming too much. I have no doubt that crossplay will not exist outside of those old generations of consoles should this game even get cross gen support

Snookies1238d ago

I didn't say anything about crossplay. I said it has a cross-generational development cycle.

Fntastic39d ago

Meh. Many shooters are very much alike and have been for a while. I'll take S&box which will have tons of fun game modes, and maybe B4B which I'll decide if it's good or not when the beta comes out this summer.

JEECE39d ago

Uhh what console shooter right now plays like a good Battlefield game? Because right now everyone is chasing esports or the BR craze. I might have agreed with you in the PS3/360 gen, but now there's actually a dearth of solid team-based shooters on console that aren't just designed to push MTs.

chicken_in_the_corn39d ago

Probably looks the same on both generations

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