Call of the Sea On PS5 Runs at a Higher Resolution and FPS Than XSX

Call of the Sea on PS5 runs at a higher resolution and has better performance than the Xbox Series version according to a new technical analysis.

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AngelicIceDiamond249d ago

Looks like It runs and looks better on PS5, these are just facts if the matter.

Orchard249d ago

Sort of, the developer has said that the PS5 version is a patch ahead of Xbox, having launched 5-6 months later and that there is a similar patch coming for Xbox.

So factually, yes it looks and runs better today, but not really a fair comparison & that'll even out likely when the patch arrives on Xbox too.

The lighting on Series S looks terrible in the above video though, everything is so washed out. 4:05 in particular shows how bad it is in comparison to PS5 & XSX.

Drew345248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

@ Orchard

The problem is not the update but rather this:

This differences we are seeing is either in the PS5'S favor or it is so small that you can't tell the difference until someone told you or Digital Foundry zoomed in 200% and literally started counting individual frames - something the human eye can't detect. People were not sold on that. That was not what was promised, and that's the issue a lot of people are having.

Orchard248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

@Drew345 We’re about 6 months into the generation with barely any real next gen games out for both platforms.

We’re going to have to wait a bit to see how that performance gap shakes out for real.

It’s clear to anyone that 2TF would get you a good boost in visuals and/or performance, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if developers don’t utilize it - it’s extra work and work that only applies to one platform, so I’d expect a lot of devs just get to parity between the two platforms and stop there.

ArthriticPowers247d ago

@ orchard definitely not doubting you, seems odd. Can you provide a link to the dev saying as much mate

ArthriticPowers247d ago

@Orchard nothing conclusive, but the timing seems more than convenient here's hoping

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Jin_Sakai249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

The developer said they will release a patch for Xbox now that the PS5 version is out. Regardless the PS5 version looks and performs better as we speak.

Nineball2112248d ago

Agreed, but it also looks great on the XSX. According to this, the PS5 version does seem better.

gravedigger248d ago

The toolz on XSX, right? :/


"toolz"? What are you a 7th grader?

gravedigger248d ago


What's the problem? Yeah, toolz. You know rapper Smilez?

DarXyde248d ago

Frame rate AND resolution?

I doubt this lasts.

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Orchard249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

But when ElAnalistaDeBits said Xbox performance was better on RE Village, everyone cried about how they fake videos to benefit Xbox. Weird that they made the above video.

specialguest248d ago

The fanboys will go hunting for some obscure game that doesn't even demonstrate any remotely high graphical features and take a win anyway possible. Really pathetic 😂

RazzerRedux249d ago

I'll say it again. Trust reliable sources such as DF, VGTech, or NXGamer.

Hakaro249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

The whole system is dumb. You have games that are 60fps on both consoles 98% of the time but these sites pick out the a few instances where one console has 2-3 fps less than the other and declare a "winner".

Listen, if 98% of the time the framerate is the same and the other 2% NO ONE in the world would ever know there was a difference without a frame timer then the games are the same. Both will offer an identical experience to 99.99999% of gamers.

RazzerRedux249d ago

Agree 100%. Most of the differences these sites highlight are not even noticeable.

Teflon02248d ago

Yeah I've noticed if a game doesn't have alot of drops I don't even usually notice them

SullysCigar248d ago

It's how they get their clicks. Still, it's nice to see the PS5 performing so consistently well given the doubt certain gamers were peddling before launch.

seanpitt23248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

It’s ridiculous having fanboy wars on these consoles especially now… they are so close in terms of performance it doesn’t really matter they cost the same if you get the Blu-ray player… can we all just agree that Microsoft and Sony did a brilliant job with there consoles and move on and start enjoying beautiful games whatever comes in the future regardless of platform you are on….

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RazzerRedux248d ago

He does a great job. No doubt.

DoomsdayMayBeOkay247d ago

Followed your recommendation and did not regret it.

Deathdeliverer248d ago

How this game doesn’t run at 100 FPS is beyond me. Played it on series X and I’ll be damned if it isn’t the slowest most basic game I’ve played in a long time. I stopped playing on level 3 cause I just couldn’t take anymore. Doesn't change the fact it runs better on PS5, in fact it’s totally unrelated. I’m just saying the game is a sack of smelly bootyholes.

248d ago
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