Sony coy on Euro Killzone 2 date

Sony is reluctant to stamp a European date on Killzone 2 after a US bigwig confirmed the shooter for a 27th February across the pond.

"We are targeting a similar timeframe for the release of Killzone 2 in the PAL regions; specific launch dates will be communicated at a later date," a Sony Europe spokesperson whispered into the Eurogamer ear.

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Sony should not even think of doing what they did with resistance2 with killzone2 as well.A game like killzone2 should relased in the same day.Sony keeps shooting themselfs in the foot.Look at how MS did gears2 and look how many it sold in day1(over 1.5million).Do u think if MS said that europe will get there version later that sales would be as high(NO).Sony needs to wake up and market killzone2 propley ad relase it on the same day.

Erotic Sheep3699d ago

Right.. GG is a Dutch company, therefor European. Any reason why the US gets this before Europe? If they want to do it right, release them both at the same time..

Dark_Overlord3698d ago

Because SCEE are a bunch of useless F*CKING MORONS

Salta_nelas3699d ago

The game should come out earlier in Europe, afterall its an European game!

coolcole933698d ago

No, it should come out the same time everywhere.

Mr PS33698d ago

Killzone 2 will be out a week Early in the UK