Sony Sued Over Charges for PlayStation Games

The Joseph Saveri Law Firm has filed an antitrust class action against Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC and its parent, Sony Group Corporation (collectively “Sony”), which designs and develops the popular Sony PlayStation series of video game consoles.

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Christopher30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Straight up predatory lawsuit. Just a waste of time and money so the individual and the lawyers can get a quick payout to go away and have it settled out of court. Long term, it has no legs. Users have the option of digital or non-digital and closed OS are allowed to have their own storefronts for control. If Sony lost that case, then iOS would lose, and that's just not going to happen. The laws have already sided with Apple, therefore they will side with Sony here.

Furthermore, they cite predatory pricing when Sony hasn't increased prices on their store nor have they not had sales galore similar to what other people offer. The inverse would be wouldn't those places have predatory pricing for items they don't put on sale that Sony did on those sales?

N4GTG30d ago

Ambulance chasers need to make a buck, too. Right? /s

Sonic-and-Crash30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

i want to ultimately to lose the case with 100% blame on them and pay the whole amount of court expenses for dragging Sony with lawsuit

Orchard30d ago

Yep. 100% ambulance chasing to get a quick buck via an out of court settlement.

Sadly all too common in the States.

kneon30d ago

That's because it's one of the few countries that doesn't have the loser pay. If the loser had to pay the winners court fees then you would see almost no frivolous lawsuits. But then the US wouldn't "need" so many lawyers.

Rude-ro30d ago

This “news” has happened every launch year since the ps3.

Funny how patterns stand out around here.

Shiken30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Yeah a closed platform having its own storefront should be common sense. It is not a monopoly, the competition if from other platform's digital stores like XBox and Nintendo, or from other digital stores on open platforms like PC. Anyone claiming Sony has a monopoly on "digital sales on their close platform" has no fking clue what they are talking about. No platform holder is obligated to allow digital codes from 3rd parties.

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Atom66630d ago

Curious how "the laws have already sided with Apple"? The EU's determination that ios is its own market is a big blow to Apple for what it's currently facing (and may soon face from the DOJ here in the states). Epic's cases aren't perfect, but Apple isn't out of the woods here.

Now, to say the PS5 Digital Edition is a market unto itself in the same way as ios has become is an uphill battle, but the suit will survive a bit longer than it would have if the Epic suits weren't a factor IMO.

I agree that consoles will be different, and this case is much weaker, though. I have to appreciate the attorneys here calling out how Epic doesn't seem to have an issue with "walled gardens" when it's a company that invests $450m into Epic's coffers. That part of the complaint made me chuckle.

Even though it probably won't go far, I have two general questions about the reaction to this suit:

1. Can anyone give a pro-competitive reason for why Sony would stop allowing digital game codes? I just see: "because they can" as the response.

2. Remove Sony from this for a second. What's the #1 most cited reason why an all digital future is bad? Isn't it said that we should fear that these store owners will be able to control pricing too much?

If you have a Series S or PS5 DE, who's in control of the stores?

As shaky as the legal claims may be, shouldn't consumers be rooting for these plaintiffs a bit?

Fluke_Skywalker30d ago

I don't think anyone would defend Sony's new pricing, that's a joke.
But people are simply defending Sony's right to do whatever the fuck they want with their own products on their own storefront. The simple fact is that if people don't like it just don't buy a PS5, especially a digital version. Unlike the Epic vs Apple case, people do very much have the option to buy from elsewhere, if they buy physically. Video games are not an essential item and this lawsuit is an absolute piece of nonsense.

Atom66630d ago

If you're in any marketplace, you can't just do whatever you want. That's why these laws exist.

And it's not their own products. It's 3rd party software sold in what is being defined as a controlled, and closed market.

Plenty of issues to discuss about the suit itself, but I'm seeing a lot of sympathy for the corporations in these discussions, and it seems like people lost sight of which "side" they're on.

Christopher30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

1. There's no law that says they need to provide digital game codes.

2. The primary issue with all digital isn't pricing, it's ownership. Currently Apple is in a lawsuit because they've removed content even though people have bought it. Apple says that even though it says 'buy' that users know that doesn't mean they will always have access and that they don't really own the content.

3. There's no issue with who is in charge of a store. The issue is digital ownership. Competition isn't at stake since it still exists on Xbox and PC.

4. 3rd parties control their pricing with exceptions in regards to the cost of DLC or similar content with large download sizes. Sony doesn't want to pay for free massive downloads.

rlow130d ago

I agree, once you start locking down digital downloads its a questionable move. If no competition is allowed, like they are in the physical space then eventually this will be bad for the consumer. You can argue that you can buy a competing console, but that' is not the same. I can walk into multiple stores and buy the same product and some will have sales on those goods. Whether Epic wins, or not against Apple, I see more lawsuits coming down the pipeline on this subject.

Atom66630d ago


1. No, but there are laws against creating markets where competition is unfairly hindered or prevented. Respectfully, that seems in line with the "because they can" crowd.

2. Primacy of the ownership vs. pricing comments doesn't address the point. I've engaged in this discussion on this same site when people use price control as their rationale for disliking digital "future." And I agree with you.

Whether it's the primary issue or an ancillary complaint, the point is still valid, right? Corporations controlling pricing with no competition isn't good. Let's be careful what we defend here.

Content removal is definitely one of Apple's problems, though. Fully agree.

3. There is an issue with who controls the store in both this case and the Apple/Google/Epic suits. That's necessary for the claims to even have some semblance of a basis.

4. I think this is how Sony ultimately gets rid of the case. It will hopefully expose how retail hinders the e-commerce pricing in the process.

I think the truth is that Sony dropped digital codes to maximize revenues from digital purchases. 3rd parties are 100% on board with the pricing because it only helps their margins.

I also think that, as a consumer, I can't think of how this suit could negatively impact me. I doubt Sony will "lose," but maybe it instills a bit of caution in these digital storefronts owners in the first place.

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NeoGamer23230d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I disagree. whether it is the XB, iOS, Nintendo, or PS store. these stores are all monopolies and consumers are playing inflated prices for games. I cannot say, "I don't want to buy games on the iOS store" and still get games or apps for my iPad device legally. If they were competitive, like on PC, I could go to Steam, Epic, or the MS store (among others) and get games.

I really wish I could choose a store and network preference for gaming and buy there on all my platforms. I would prefer one gamertag and purchasing each game once and having it on all platforms.

I know it sounds stupid, but I really hate the current world of digital stores.

Christopher30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Can you prove that the game prices are inflated? You can get Celeste for $5 on PSN right now. It's $20 on Steam. Both standard prices are $20 when not on sale.

NeoGamer23230d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Ya, go to PC. Games cost less.

Celeste is an exception.

Atom66630d ago


The complaint gives 3 specific examples.

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CS730d ago

To all those supporting Epic in their stupid lawsuit against Apple, this is the result.

kneon30d ago

Epic are making a distinction between a single purpose device like a game aconsole and a general purpose device like a smartphone. There is also the fact that consoles are often sold at a loss for at least the first few years, unlike an iPhone where retail cost is about 2-3x the production cost.

InUrFoxHole30d ago

Sony should really be sued over the storage of the ps5.

Paleblood30d ago

Exactly and how they forced you with a gun to buy a PS5.

Viking_mo30d ago

Maybe if you looked into the reason why the shortages you would understand. Its not just the pandemic but also chip issues. Its not just Sony but Microsoft and other tech companies too

thejigisup30d ago

I genuinely think he meant to say storage instead of shortage.

jznrpg30d ago

They stated that SSD would come later not at launch

InUrFoxHole30d ago

6 months later. They announce 2 new controller colors but not a peep about the storage issue. Not acceptable. I'm not giving a pass to any company for piss poor service.

NewsForSnowflakes30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Sony does monopolise their digital games and dictates all of their digital pricing. That's a straight up fact.

Yes, they do have some good sales and discounts but you have no other choice but to wait for those to happen. I personally will always opt for physical games anyway, but you're stuck with their crappy prices for most of their digital goods. Now that Sony have a digital only PS5 system it just further tightens their grip on their digital sales.

I know most people on this website are corporate bootlickers and feel the need to blindly defend their favourite multi-billion dollar company, but I'll keep it very simple for you.

Sony wins? Nothing changes, you're stuck with their pricing.

Sony loses? Other retailers and marketplaces can sell digital codes. Prices become completive and there's a lot more choice for you.

Gamers will have more options, can save money and ultimately play more games. But no!! That's terrible!!! Sony needs to makes more billions and billions. They made my PS5 console. I like that system. This shoe leather is so yummy....

Nyxus30d ago

Everyone has the option to buy physically. If you choose not to do that and buy digitally, you only have yourself to blame.

dumahim30d ago

Not really. PS5 digital doesn't have a method to play physical copies. Also, some games don't get a physical release.

Atom66630d ago

Isn't the argument that, if you have the digital edition, no, you can't go buy physical? Nor can you go buy a download code for a game to compete with PSN prices.

"You only have yourself to blame" is not a defense to an anti-trust claim.

Nyxus30d ago

The solution would be to not buy the digital only-system.

Atom66630d ago

And the solution back in the day would be: Don't use MS Windows for your internet access?

That's not a defense to anticompetitive behaviors.

Nyxus30d ago

I don't need to defend them, I'm just saying the solution to this 'problem' is rather simple.

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30d ago
BlaqMagiq130d ago

Umm then continue to buy physical? It's not that hard bro.

Master of Unlocking30d ago

I don't want to defend Sony, but how is that different in any way to what Microsoft do on their XBox consoles with their marketplace, or Nintendo with their own storefront on the Switch?

Atom66630d ago

The argument is that you can't buy games on the digital store front unless you buy directly from PSN. You can't go to Gamestop and buy a download code for Madden if you have a Digital Edition PS5, for example.

jjb198130d ago

'NewsForSnowflakes, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response was there anything that could even be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.'

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