First Trailer for Upcoming Free MMOFPS, Parabellum

Acony Games has unveiled the first trailer for their upcoming strategic MMOFPS, Parabellum. The game will have two competing teams vying to control an entire city, rather than constantly repeating certain levels over and over. You'll essentially play several smaller battles while trying to conquer the full-sized map, so you'll need to plan your routes and strategy as the game goes on. Your character will gain experience the more you play too, which will unlock more weapons and equipment for you to use. And to top it all off, the game will be free to download and play. Acony has also made a point that they want the winners to be determined by skill rather than wallet size, so all weapons or equipment in the game will be available for free as well.

Hmm, I like shooters, I like MMOs, I like slick-looking trailers, and I especially love free stuff. Logic dictates that I should keep my eyes peeled for this one in early 2009.

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