Sega Teases New Games Including Possible Sonic Reveals, More Support for Persona, Global Expansion

Sega executive vice-president of game content and services Shuji Utsumi had interesting insight to share about what you can expect.

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FreeckyCake40d ago

Maybe it's time for that Sonic Unleashed port fans have been dreaming of for ages now?

Fntastic40d ago

Adventure 1 & 2 remake and SA3 would be amazin

blackblades40d ago

Only thing I care about sonic is the soundtrack

TheColbertinator40d ago

Persona 5 Royal for Steam 💪

SaiyanFury40d ago

I'm certain it's already in the works. They released Persona 3 The Golden last year and P5 Strikers in January of this year in conjunction with the console releases as well.

FlavorLav0140d ago

Virtua Fighter 6 would be welcomed!

VTKC40d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Been so along. I didn't even like showdown. Had so much fun playing original VF5.

Towers40d ago

An Esports version of VF5 is supposedly coming

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The story is too old to be commented.