Resident Evil Village's PC port is disappointing and needs work

From Digital Foundry: "We loved Resident Evil Village on consoles, but unfortunately, my opinion of the PC port isn't quite so positive. On the one hand, I love what the RE Engine is doing technologically and the game itself is fantastic, but on the other hand, I'm genuinely puzzled and disappointed by some of the design choices, bugs, glitches and performance problems. This conversion really isn't where it should be right now.

It starts with the game's menu system and settings which are both excellent and awkward at the same time. In terms of features, the graphical options are great: there's plenty to tweak, along with preview imagery showing you what the settings actually do and some rough idea of the performance implications. The problem comes in how the user navigates through the menu. Scrolling through the options is so, so slow and while keyboard works, you can't actually leave a sub-menu without pressing the right-button on the mouse (and no, ESC doesn't work). It's all counter-intuitive to the point where remarkably, menu navigation is actually a lot, lot quicker using a controller."

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BigBosss33d ago

Glad I bought the game on the PS5

TheHan33d ago

To bad you didn’t buy it on a more superior console the Series X/S

Vx_33d ago

with inc R rated mods for this game, nothing is more superior than the pc.

D3TH_D33LR33d ago

Shill. Such superiority with 2 extra frames. Shame about those 3 second longer load times though, huh

cooperdnizzle33d ago

To bad nobody buys games on Xbox anymore. 80% of sales are on ps so there you go. And the superior console? In what world?

Not to mention buy it on ps5 and get to replay it the best way possible, psvr2. 7 was so amazing in vr this one is going to be one of the coolest things in gaming when it hits psvr2.

Maybe one day Xbox will give you guys a true next gen controller, I have both of the new systems and the ps5 is by far and away the superior console 👍🏻

Babadook733d ago

That superior console has lost a lot of head to heads vs PS5. And has no good exclusives.

SullysCigar33d ago

@TheHan and @Vx_ PC probably won't offer this game in VR like PS5 though and Xbox can't even do VR at all lol

After RE7, VR is the only way to play a new RE game, which is why I'll wait. If you know what's coming, it loses some impact.

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Computersaysno33d ago

It's no better on PS5.

The points made apply to the engine, the argument is made that really the PC should be doing better than it is. But then it's only really a console game and thus restricted by that.

TheRealTedCruz33d ago

Have a PS5, and a PC with an i7 and a 3070.
I'm glad I bought it on PC.

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NealGamby33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

But...but PC master race?! How can this be?!

annoyedgamer33d ago

Companies dont even bug fix on PC because they prefer to focus on console.

rpvenom33d ago

Yeah. It's similar to the Android vs IOS situation. Things are way more optimized on IOS because as developers, it's easier to optimize for a platform that is pretty much identical across the board with large market share. Consoles are easier to optimize for based on market share and PC has too many combinations of parts to optimize for so PC/Android always get the short end of the stick unfortunately. I have both PC Android and PS5.. I would've loved it on PC with mods but guess it's good I got it on PS5 instead.

nickanasty20633d ago

Not the fault of PC players that a game wasn't optimized correctly by developers. There are a lot of lazy ports out there of games, generally the PC audience just skips the games that were not given the attention desired. Being happy that a game was not optimized correctly for PC is very short sighted. You should want games to receive the proper care no matter what platform they are released on. If you were on the other end of this with a bad console port, wouldn't you be upset too?

TheHan31d ago

Lazy ports? You think they’ll be able to test every part of PC equipment to get them to run proper. It’s much easier to optimize and create a game based on consoles simply cause if it works on one it’ll work on all. But then that’s a different story with the lazy play tests and bug fixes.

TheRealTedCruz33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Lazy development. Nothing more
Revel in it though. PC is still the best place to play it. This video just indicates issues with the engine, and how they did lackluster work in areas that shouldn't have been.

The last truly bad PC port I remember is Arkham Rising, and was a result of cheap, lazy outsourcing.
How many years ago was that?

Father__Merrin33d ago

This is one of the main issues on pc there can never be a standard across the board. So many glitches and bugs.

Go ahead and google type in any game with the name of any graphics card after it combined with the words issues or problems and it's littered... Just because your specific cobfig has no issues doesn't mean someone with same config bumps into issues.

Many times your trying to find fixes and user mods etc

RazzerRedux33d ago

Do the same for any console and find a bunch of problems as well. So what point do you think you are making? That only PC has problems? You are wrong as usual. And what does any of this have to do with the port of this game?

cooperdnizzle33d ago

Nah you pc only guys are a bunch of liars plan and simple, I have a ps5 an Xbox SX and a pretty good pc. Most pc games have issues that’s just how it is. I used to really love messing with games on pc but now that I am older and have a job and other things going on I just want to put a game in and play.

TheRealTedCruz33d ago

It's weird. He's one one of those really, really dedicated PC players who never has anything positive to say about PC gaming.

Makes you wonder.

RazzerRedux33d ago


"Most pc games have issues that’s just how it is."

You really shouldn't call someone a liar and then flat-out lie. Makes you look idiotic.


I love how these guys pretend to be experts on PC gaming. A bit hilarious.

Fntastic33d ago

Spoken like a true console fanboy who has no clue what he's on about. Most of the time you will easily get better performance than any console if you have a decent PC.

anast33d ago

If PC didn't have ports from consoles, it would be almost all MMO and FPS with a few really good CRPGs to even out the insane amount of always online crap and the sea of sh#$ puzzle games. Try not to be a PC fanboy.

Gatsu33d ago

No problems on my PC and I bet majority don't have any when the review score on Steam is so positive.

CaptainHenry91633d ago

I didn't have any problems with it. Looked good in 4K 60fps with Ray tracing on

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