New Battlefield Game Will Be a “Relaunch” of the Franchise, Will Have “Unbelievable Player Counts”

EA CEO Andrew Wilson says the new Battlefield game due this year is the "relaunch" of the franchise and will feature "unbelievable player counts."

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moriarty188978d ago (Edited 78d ago )

INCREDIBLE LIVE SERVICE............wonder if they want to make it online only or just a reference to the 128 player count mp.Just put a solid SP OFFLINE CAMPAIGN in it at least. who knows anymore with EA?

gamesftw25078d ago

I'm just glad Call of Duty will finally have completion again

PapaBop78d ago

Will it though? This sounds like classic EA where the marketing department dictates the creative design. Huge player counts is easily marketable but doesn't necessarily add substance to the experience.

excaliburps78d ago

They need to make good with this after BF5. I mean, if they meant "live service" as adding new content over time, then that's fine. But I don't want to see half-baked content at launch, and using the live service as an excuse.

128-player counts, if legit, is kinda scary since you just know a majority of those will be useless snipers playing for montages. LOL!

yeahokwhatever78d ago

killing useless snipers is why the game is so fun

D3TH_D33LR78d ago

It’s probably gonna have similar weekly goals and rewards like bfv did. They’re going to push MT but they want lots of opportunities to be rewarded and earn unlocks.

thorstein78d ago

Unbelievable Player counts? If it has more than 256, then that will be unbelievable. PS3's MAG had 256 players.

Zhipp78d ago

I mean, I get enjoying it, but really who buys a BF game for the campaign? Might as well just Redbox it if that's all you care about.

4U2NV78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I get your point but some people such as myself like to play through the campaign and when they simply feel like blasting enemies without having to bother with network crashes and issues or a decent team to play with then single player is always a viable mode available whenever issues or occurrences like that happen

Id doubt id pay full price for a game that was online only with no way to play any of it on your own if you wanted or needed to.

DnBSkillZ78d ago

Then how about make an actual campaign and create a Saga

CorndogBurglar78d ago

By "unbelievable player counts" they mean 3 players per match.

Kavorklestein78d ago

Your joke implies they are gonna use bots for the 128 player counts?

Is that what MAG did on PS3?

Teflon0278d ago

Naw mag had hella long queue times waiting for players lol. So I'm pretty sure they weren't bots. Especially since people actually listened to what you were saying in that game

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Sciurus_vulgaris78d ago

I hope the new battlefield game takes more influence form BF4. I also hope it’s more grounded in reality than BF1 and BF V.

Kavorklestein78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Do you mean MODERN reality? Or reality in general?
Cuz depending on what you mean, you might need a dictionary.
Or is this just some "girls didnt fight in WWII" complaint?
I guess we'll see how dumb your comment becomes once you reply/clarify.

DarthZoolu78d ago

I think by history and definition you don't know what you're talking about and your attempt at an insult made you look stupid.

Sciurus_vulgaris78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Frankly, I don’t care about the gimmicks and bizarre customization options present in the more recent BF games. Also, both BF1 and BF V are mockeries of actual history.

excaliburps78d ago

Yep. That's all we wanted, man! BF4 but with more maps, more guns, less bugs, more destruction! We didn't ask for Attrition or whatever gimmick they had for BF5. BF1 had Behemoths which were OK, but BF5 was eh.

annoyedgamer78d ago

Thats not going to happen. Its pretty much a cultural rule that cant violated at this point.

Nuclearmoon78d ago

Unbelievable player count better mean more than 256 players, after playing MAG on the ps3 10 years ago. Throwing words like unbelievable around is quite a statement.

Magog78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Good luck getting all those people together for a match and getting them to stick around to complete it.

Teflon0278d ago

Battlefield already had long as fights. It really isn't going to be much of a issue to keep people playing if it's good. People been doing long fights since the PS3 days

Kavorklestein78d ago

Do we really know if MAG was using bots or not? That's the real question.

Teflon0278d ago

They weren't. They had extremely long queue times. Maybe after years and the player count dropped. But when I owned the game I can confirm that Based on vocal communications as squad leader and such, my team's never seemed to be with bots. But maybe if a player leaves outta nowhere they're replaced by one until a replacement fills in

Darkborn78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Or what about planetside 2? Hell I just want tribes aerial assault back.

Iceball200078d ago

Ea should bring back Medal of Honor as there main SP game with a basic MP

And rerelease Battlefield as there MP only game with that amazing Commander mode.

thorstein78d ago

They did. It's VR though. It's a load of fun, but it's VR.

Mr_cheese78d ago

How many players are we talking here?

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