The end of Bratz games?

A federal court ordered toymaker MGA Entertainment to cease all distribution of their popular Bratz doll line. The ruling came yesterday in a California court. A lawsuit brought by rivals Mattel Inc. (makes of the eternally popular Barbie) alleged that the dolls were originally designed by an employee who was working for Mattel at the time. The jury found in favor of Mattel for copyright infringement and breach of contract. MGA is set to appeal the ruling, which, if upheld, would mean the all Bratz dolls would be taken off store shelves in early 2009.

What we're wondering here is: what happens to the various Bratz-licensed entertainment products - especially the games? There have been well over twenty different Bratz releases across current platforms since 2003, and no doubt more were planned by publisher THQ (who holds the license to make games based on the toys). Will game retailers have to send back their stock of Bratz titles, and will the troubled THQ lose another dependable revenue source as a result?

Most likely, MGA and Mattel will work out some sort of sgreement to keep the dolls on toy shelves, but Mattel demanding additional royalties for all Bratz-related products could also put a dent in the profitability of the games, leading to fewer being released or the license being dropped altogether. The worst case scenario is that we might lose a popular gaming series for young girls in the midst of all this legal mess.

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Darkseider3699d ago

just a dying company looking for a crutch. Bratz dolls have been selling since 2001 and have since captured approx. 40% of the fashion doll market and Barbie at 60%. (source: Wikipedia). Not to mention what took Mattel so long to file this lawsuit? Oooh I know... They needed MGA to make enough money for some payola. This is just an abuse of the legal system in the USA. I hope MGA appeals and hands Mattel their collective asses and then countersue for slander and losses.

NOTE: Figures... California court. Known throughout the states as "The Kangaroo Court".

SaiyanFury3698d ago

Yay! Less crap on the used game shelves.

yamamoto1143697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

The Bratz line of dolls is a perfect recreation of teenage American society. You know, the one full of "liek OMG!" and spending half of a parent's income on expensive purses and $50 T-shirts. And hell. The dolls are named after "brats" anyways. Is this really something we want to be pushing onto the children of our country to begin with? Don't we have enough of this bull?

Speed-Racer3699d ago

This is finally good news to my ears.

Sucks for parents with annoying children now though.

Heldrasil3698d ago

tisk tisk, we don't let our children with slutty dolls at our home.

Nathan Drake3699d ago

I was going to pop Bratz in my Ps3 right after I got done with My Horse Adventures on Wii

PoSTedUP3698d ago

oh i hope not! its my favorite, they cant do this to me man, i will protest!

AuToFiRE3698d ago

Good Riddance, more space on game shelves for REAL games

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