Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart really feels like the first ‘true’ PS5 game - VG247

Probably one of the most important games for any console is that first game that it feels like would’ve been completely impossible on the last generation of hardware. For PS5, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart may very well be that game.

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DarXyde73d ago

I'm sure that this game is going to be outstanding. It's Insomniac and they do God's work on PlayStation. Haven't met a Ratchet game I didn't love yet.

But that said, it feels bizarre to read an article from someone who admits to not having any hands-on experience saying it "really feels like the first true PS5 game". I mean, sure, it is, to my knowledge, the only PS5 game to actually use the SSD in a way that is very visibly impacting the game that isn't just simply loading screens (and they did mention the use of 3D audio). Still, I think it's a bit misguided to say it feels that way. Seems that way, definitely. Appears that way, sure. But feels? Hm...feels a bit premature.

....but I'm sure he's right.

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GamingSinceForever73d ago

Actually Returnal has these portals that you jump through at instantly opens up another world similar to what was on display in the R&C demo.

It changes so fast that I sometimes don’t know if I went through it or not.

JustTheFax73d ago

It sucks that the portal graphics are fake though. They use a static image for every portal. Or at least the ones I have gone through in the game.

jznrpg73d ago

@Justthefax you mean it not a real portal??? Damn I’m upset now

darthv7273d ago

I'm still holding out hope someone will confirm if the game is linear or non-linear. Linear means you have no control over the rift space (the scenes with multiple rifts around you as you are falling through) where as non-linear would keep the player guessing as to where they could end up if they choose a rift not in front of you but off to the side.

Zhipp73d ago

Probably linear. In order to load those worlds as quickly as it does I'm sure it still needs to do a "bit" of preloading, which is difficult to impossible in a nonlinear game.

CaptainHenry91673d ago

I mean was the past games linear? I'm just happy to be able to play another exclusive game. Sony is definitely delivering on that part this generation.

S2Killinit72d ago

Ratchet and Clank is a linear game, always has been. Are you seriously asking that where you end up could be a multitude of worlds all loading up randomly with the possibility of you ending up in any one of them? You must be insane. How could that even allow for a story? R&C is a story based game. How do you ask that with a straight face I dont know.

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GamingSinceForever73d ago

@JustTheFax I honestly haven’t looked at it that deeply. Not sure how a portal is supposed to behave. Lol!

Vizigoth0473d ago

Preview versus Review I guess

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RyanShutup73d ago

Could you imagine what they could do with Soul Reaver using this hardware!? Astral plane shifting would be INSANE.

saint_seya73d ago

Damn i loved Soul Reaver, and this idea is something i didnt think, but now cant stop hopping for it.

adamwparker72d ago

Watch, MK12 will have the camera "rollercoaster" through the opponents veins and during animation you will choose a vein to the heart or rip straight through muscle and organ up to the brain, where the camera(maybe a poison flowing from say...Reptile or flames from Scorpion) would crash into the heart/brain and explode every where.....

CrimsonWing6973d ago

I remember people saying this about Demon’s Souls and then they said it about Returnal… however, I agree this looks like an actual next-gen game where I actually feel like the attention to detail, effects, seem less transition between the worlds actually feels like I’m looking at something that’s on a next-level.

Zhipp73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Tbh if I didn't know about PS5 I would believe that Returnal and Demons souls were just very good looking last gen games running on PS4Pro. That is not the case with Rift Apart.

CrimsonWing6973d ago

Yea I agree. Returnal is a bit more next-gen looking to me than DS, especially with the particle effects and fidelity of visuals with a crisp framerate. I'm never been interested in playing a Ratchet and Clank game, but what I've seen of this game has wow'd me.

Army_of_Darkness73d ago


Are you kidding me bro?! Demon souls remake graphics are better than anything on the PS4 right now!

Silly gameAr73d ago

Looks like it's preview time. I've owned a few R&C games, but I didn't really put the time into the games like I did the Resistance series, but I've played enough to be excited to see how Rift Apart turns out.

Neonridr73d ago

my kid is so excited for this game, he loves Ratchet. I can't wait to try this out myself.

Paleblood73d ago

It would be like playing a Pixar movie!

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