DS Daily: New Square Enix vs. old Square Enix

Square Enix has been all over the DS, with remakes, franchise continuations, spin-offs, and more. Perhaps even more amazingly, however, is that the DS isn't just getting the same ol' series, but new games, too. Some are totally new, while others are newish, yet have connection to some of the company's other properties. If you're a fan of their work, you've probably played a lot of DS in the past few years. But what's been more exciting to you: the newer things, like The World Ends With You and the recently-announced Blood of Bahamut, or the oldest of the old, like the remakes (Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, more)?

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ChanDangle3698d ago

Old SquareSoft = Win

New = Fail-Enix


Danja3698d ago

Squaresoft >>>>Square Enix

ever since Square merged with Enix the quality of they're titles has been deteriorating.

Gue13698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

The funny thing is that when they where separated both were better...

The old Square had games like Xenogears, FFVII, Secret of Mana, Vagrant Story etc.

The old Enix had games like Terranigma, E.V.O., Illusion of Gaia, Star Ocean, etc.

What they have now since the merge? Star Ocean 3 was crap, FFXII was crap, the new Valkyria Profile 2 was crap, every current gen jrpg have been crap, Dragon Quest VIII was good though.

mikeslemonade3698d ago

SE were innovators back then, but now they are just greedy moneyhats. They should follow example from EA they lost all there respect and are slowly gaining it back now with Burnout, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Mirrors Edge etc.

JoySticksFTW3698d ago

Agreed with all of above

Current SE vs oldschool Squaresoft is like comparing current Mike Tyson to oldschool Mike Tyson

or current wrestling to oldschool wrestling

or current Sonic games to oldschool Sonic games

Square's philosophy on quality vs maximum profit seems off. They don't understand that if they just make quality games - no matter what system - instead of these hack-job flops that they would see huge profits and more loyal consumers.

SaiyanFury3697d ago

Ah Squaresoft back in the SNES/original PS days. So many original games. Then they merged with ENIX, another great original publisher, then they went all corporate. More remakes and even less franchise continuations. Just now I'm playing through Final Fantasy VIII on the PS and I find myself pining for the days of old when I could look up every once in a while and find a new, breakout Squaresoft game.

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ultimolu3698d ago

Old Square: KICKING ASS.
New Square: Full of major sh*t.

SONYSLAVE3698d ago

i really doubt they care what you crying droids say ;-D

ultimolu3698d ago

Because the PS3 version may be the best one. :)

Now go away.

gamfreak3698d ago

Why are still here go find your mom already. Hahahahaha.....

gamfreak3698d ago

Square-Enix are full of S*IT and i really miss the old Squaresoft to be precise. They make great JRPGS back than.

Panthers3698d ago

I think they mean Squaresoft vs Square Enix

zenintude3698d ago

It seems to be serving no other purpose other than to say, "Gee, Square is doing a swell job releasing games for the DS!"


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