Are Video Games a Good Investment?

In the world of video games, we don’t call them investors, we call them scalpers and they are considered the lowest form of human trash. For casual gamers, scalpers are the literal reason we can’t have nice things.

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Jiub31d ago

Sure, videogames can be a good investment. I think spotting the games that are going to be worth something is hard. I agree with the evaluation of scalpers, though. It's a form of investment, but I can still dislike what they do.

Knightofelemia31d ago

I don't collect games as an investment I collect games I like that I grew up and played as a kid and I collect games that I never played that have piqued my interest. I like to collect consoles that I have never had as a kid or that I have never seen before. Like the Apple Pippin would love to have that system or even the Samsung and Hyundai built Sega and Nintendo machines. They are unique and any collector would love to have something rare on their shelf they can display like a trophy its a form of bragging rights.

killbillvolume1231d ago

You wanna see a crazy collection??? Youtube Nintendo Collecting. Such an amazing collection