Xbox Series X - Six Months On and Still Not an Essential Purchase

Xbox Series X and S launched with a major problem - they weren't all that necessary. Six months on and the problem remains.

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Magog38d ago

Someone else game them a B+ for having a single next gen exclusive, lol

PrimeVinister38d ago

Launching a console with no exclusive content was baffling. Six months on and just one is just madness.

purple10138d ago

Is that the medium..?

That's not even a great game... A solid 6/10 kinda game!

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FanboysKiller37d ago

It's easy to say anything about something you don't own , not owning one is a stepping stone for getting the whole picture, sites can't do that for you unfortunately.

DJStotty37d ago

Why is it baffling, when Microsoft themselves have stated all xbox games going forward will be on PC?

Xbox no longer has exclusives, how are people not getting it?

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Magog38d ago

Yes, The Medium. And 99% chance it comes to Playstation within a year like their other games which were timed Xbox exclusives.

dcbronco38d ago

Dark Souls is on PC. So that's not exclusive. So you have the Spider-Man add on and a tech demo.

CaptainHenry91638d ago


You mean Demon Souls? Demon Soul's is not on PC. Well not yet

CaptainHenry91638d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I played the Medium and it wasn't all that. Just a decent story and walking simulator.

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LOGICWINS38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I agree that Microsoft needs to do better with regards to exclusives, but I would still give them a B given what they've done with FPS Boost, Quick Resume, VRR, simple storage solutions etc. What I wanted most from this new generation was a commitment to higher framerates. In terms of consoles, Microsoft is the market leader in this respect.

The Series X has a great foundation, it just needs a few bangers to get people outside of the core Xbox demographic excited. I have little to no interest in Halo, but I would like to some confirmation that there's at least one JRPG in the works at XGS

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LOGICWINS38d ago (Edited 38d ago )


The thing about exclusives for me is that they only matter if I actually WANT to play them lol. I'm primarily into JRPGs, so naturally most of my Xbox library (Yakuza Like A Dragon, Judgment, Valkyria Chronicles 4, DQ11 S, Octopath Traveler etc.) will be multiplatform.

It's quite amusing to see console warriors fight over PS/Xbox exclusives because the only console that I primarily bought for exclusives is the Switch, because frankly they have the best Japanese exclusive IPs (Zelda, Smash, Pokemon, Bayonetta, Xenoblade etc.)

Playstation/Xbox are both 3rd parties gaming machines for me, because with rare exceptions (Spiderman/Ryse Son of Rome), I don't care about either of their 1st party libraries.

Choosing between a Playstation/Xbox is like choosing between a Samsung TV/LGTV. Both of them do the same thing, but one of them will typically have better features than the other.

knightedHollow38d ago

A commitment to higher framerate is useless without games. And to be clear, as some believe that xbox will be having their games look gorgeous at 120+fps, next gen games will not run at 120+fps if they are graphically demanding.

Halo Infinite may run at that framerate because it is being developed for the original xbox one. By far the weakest console between 2 generations and by a lot. Because of that the games graphics will not be that much better than halo guardians which means that the series x may be able to output 4k @ 120fps but thats not because the console is astronomically more powerful than the ps5 who will be most likely having their exclusives running at 1080p 60fps or 4k 30fps. It will only mean, for those of us who can think, that the games xbox is coming out with arent graphically demanding unlike with the playstation.

All in all this commitement you speak of is quite weak. They will only be able to run games at higher framerates when that game isnt demanding or is a last gen game.


"A commitment to higher framerate is useless without games"

I keep forgetting that anything that isn't a Sony exclusive isn't considered a "game" on N4G. You can't make this up 😆

dinodash1101638d ago

How you a market LEader when you been losing since LAST GEN lol... Market LEader off what Last Place?

RauLeCreuset38d ago

"You can't make this up 😆"

But apparently you can make up subcategories for "market leader" to gift Xbox a W. Someone fetch me my tape measure. I think PS5 is the market leader for tallest console! 😂

Nineball211238d ago

I agree with you, Logic. It's a great system. It does need new games. I don't quite get the visceral "hate" or pushback on it though, as it absolutely DOES have a great foundation.

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wiz719138d ago

Doesn’t the PS5 only have two next gen game released so far as well ?? Which is Returnal ?? The other exclusives I can still play on the PS4 or PC. Demo Souls is just a remake of a PS3 game, so that’s technically isn’t even a PS5 exclusive. Soooo technically six months on PS5 only has two exclusives that I actually need a PS5 for. Yeah Microsoft definitely needs to up the exclusive output, but the idea that they don’t have any at all is very misleading.

CaptainHenry91638d ago (Edited 38d ago )

And Sony still delivers more games every generation in general. PS3,PS4 and PS5 is still in the playstation ecosystem and they've delivered everytime. Microsoft just needs to do better and they have all the tools and potential to do that but the never do

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ocelot0738d ago

Yer it only has 3 exclusives however. What about the people who maybe pc only players or thinking moving from Xbox ?? Then they have the likes of Sackboy Adventure, Both Spiderman games as well.

Sure they are on the PS4. But your coming from Xbox or PC and didn't own a PS4. You have a fair few next generation first titles to play.

Also even astro bot is a nice little game to play.

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darthv7238d ago

Or... you know, they gave it a B+ because they like what it offers (hardware) and see potential in its future (software)? Not everyone puts the same weight on exclusives.

Petebloodyonion38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I don't know what's funnier!
Seeing ppl bashing the Serie x due to not having big exclusives game defining the console despite having tons of features or being amused by the fact that the ppl bashing the Serie x are mostly the same ppl who were praising the PS4 back in 2014 as A+ console when it was referred as indystation at the time due to lack of big new exclusives games, lack of backward playable games but a focus on remasters and indies games

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gamer780437d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Also the bright memory prequel, while short actually pretty fun. Gears hive busters is really fun as well but you could play the latter on Xbox one but looks so much better on series x

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Flawlessmic38d ago

Yea no doubt this system needs atleast anotherr year or 2 then it will definitely be worth owning, but right now happy with my ps5.

I just dont under stand what microsofts studios have been doing all these years.

Its been a dry patxh for like 4 or 5 years so by now they should be dropping bombs and still barely anything coming while were still young.

Sayai jin38d ago

I pnostly agree with you. Inhave both amd to be honest, they both are not must haves right now. I havr pkayed more new games on my PS5, and with the dual sense, but after Demon Souls and MM 8nwent bscl to playing old games. Returnal is fun. R&C is just noty cup of tea, but it does look good. I was dissapointed with the new Yakuza. I didn't even try the Medium. Also, Halo Infinite would not change my perception, as I lost some interest in the series after the third installment.

I am playing through some BC games on both consoles. BC titlees vastly outnumber new games period. I have moved to playing more of them on the Series X die to FPS boost and other enhancements.

What's alarming is thag I just saw a report that shortages of semiconductors are expected to continue theough 2022. So many will have to will ha e to wait for the next gen consoles.

DarthMarvin38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

What's up with your keyboard? Did you spill Mountain Dew on it one too many times or something?

sho0ok36038d ago

One of the main cause of no games for the last couple of years form MS studios is they are all working/creating new engines.

Halo, Forza, gears, fable all moving to new engines, and that does not include games such as hellblade, avowd etc..

Am okay with waiting for the new engines to utilize the new hardware rather than make more the same old games.

chronoforce38d ago

One would have assumed the first party studios would be ahead of the curve in regard to engines built for the Series consoles. I have to wonder what on earth is going on at Xbox Game studios.

Orbilator38d ago

Shoook you can't fool us, your Phil Spencer aren't you ? .......

sho0ok36037d ago

@Orbilator why in the hell would you even think something like that?

Aren't halo working with newly created SlipSpace engine? Gears 6 with UE5? Fable with Forza Engine? Hellblade UE5?

From what I heard, engines alone takes years to fully form, not including the game development cycle.

But hey, I get it, you just wanna hate on Xbox like everyone here in n4g. Maybe I should join you so you can be happy.

foker37d ago

Basically haven't released anything noteworthy since last 3 years of 360 gen.

DJStotty37d ago

Cleary false information your spewing here

DJStotty37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

"I just dont under stand what microsofts studios have been doing all these years."

Making and releasing games, it just goes unrecognized by the Sony fanboys.

2020 for xbox one :-

Wasteland Remastered
Bleeding edge
Bard's tale remastered
Gears Tactics
Minecraft Dungeons

Not including any 3rd party deals for the following :-

Tell me why
Ori and the will of the wisps

During 2020, most of the studios were shifting focus to other projects.

It has not been a "dry patch" for 4 to 5 years, it is just that Sony fans are incapable of recognizing that the xbox actually does get games released for it.

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DarthZoolu38d ago

Best Purchase Ever! Playing everything in 4k at 60 frames per second has been amazing. Especially for Apex and war zone and all of the other games I play. The frame per second boost in Metro and other games has been rocking my world as well!

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PS-Gamer-198638d ago ShowReplies(2)
Notellin38d ago

6 month report card is such a helpful measuring tool! It's the exact same as jobs only requiring your first semester of grades for a job. Makes perfect sense! Keep writing these great articles!

TheSaint37d ago

If it was a positive piece you'd have no issue with it.


MS should be ashamed of themselves not having a few exclusives for the Series X. BC is cool and all but the fact that I still don't know what this thing can do 6 months in is baffling. It's definitely not an essential purchase at the moment.

DJStotty37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Another one, "MS should be ashamed of themselves not having a few exclusives for the Series X."

Phil and Xbox themselves have told the world over, that ALL games will be also on PC.

Xbox has not had exclusives for a while, because they no longer do.

Why not touch on how Xbox is soon getting Microsoft flight simulator, Age of Empires 4 among other PC games coming to consoles?

They have even said Series X will not be getting games till 1-2 years after the series x launches, i really hope facts sink into these small minds some day.

I'll try and hold everyone's hand and guide them as best i can, press release from xbox in July 2020 :-

The only people clinging to this last shred of leverage (sony fanboys) about "no games" will have nothing of note come the end of this year and into next year, i'm definately getting stocked up on popcorn!!!


I REALLY hope you're not calling me of all people a Sony fanboy. I don't care about that bs link you're providing because it doesn't change the fact that MS hasn't released a exclusive for a new console. It should be embarrassing to them. What have they been working on all this time? What was the last exclusive they released? Gears 5 perhaps? All I see is excuses coming from MS. To be fair Sony is only SLIGHTLY better atm with maybe one true PS5 exclusive which is Returnal. Demons Souls is a PS3 game so that doesn't count. MS needs to bring the games instead of gamepass filler...

DJStotty37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I understand xbox needs to release some games, but they will never release another exclusive.

They have released plenty of games since Gears 5, but none have been exclusive to xbox, because they no longer have exclusives, so this argument about them "not releasing a series S|X exclusive" is redundant, because they never will.

Since Gears 5 (2019) they have worked on the following projects :-

Games released :-

Minecraft Earth (Android/Ios)
Wasteland remastered
Bleeding edge
Gears Tactics
Forza Street (Android/Ios)
Minecraft Dungeons
Bards tale remastered

Series SX optimization projects :-

Forza horizon 4
Gears 5
Gears Tactics
Sea of thieves
Halo MCC
State of decay 2

Projects in progress :-

Halo Infinite
Psychonauts 2
Age of Empires 4 (console version)
Flight simulator (console version)
Forza Motorsport
Perfect Dark
Project Mara
Hellblade 2
State of Decay 3

So to make an absurd suggestions that xbox game studios have not "released or done anything" since Gears 5, is nothing short of a fanboy assumption.

"I don't care about that bs link you're providing"

So your dismissing the fact that Major Nelson himself, and i quote

"No Xbox Series X exclusives for a couple of years"

But you want to push

"MS hasn't released a exclusive for a new console."

ok then.....