The inside track on EA’s acquisition of Codemasters

From Develop: "It’s one of the biggest players in the industry, but EA has never been highly acquisitive, and by modern standards it’s positively reticent when compared to many. The home of FIFA has focused instead on its existing stable of huge franchises – with the only major acquisition of the last ten years being its 2017 move for Respawn Entertainment for £315m.

It came as something of a surprise then, when late last year EA outgunned strong competition from Take Two to secure Codemasters for an eyebrow-raising $1.2bn (£860m), some 14 per cent above Take Two’s bid."

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DJStotty78d ago

"EA's acquisition of Codemasters: "We think it’s a opportunity to bring two great companies together"

All i hear is

"We think this is a great opportunity to milk another franchise for all it's worth, add in some MT's, and then close the studio and throw it in the "done" pile"

phoenixwing77d ago

agreed. I already feel EA is near ready to close down bioware if their next new games aren't blockbuster sellers.

NeoGamer23277d ago

Why do you think any business mergers/takeovers happen?

They certainly don't think, "Hey, we want to become less profitable, charge less MTs, and have more of our games compete with each other in the marketplace"

Facts are mergers / acquisitions, are pretty bad for consumers no matter how you slice them. Any merger or acquisition gives one company more control of the industry / market segment and they are usually done to save costs. EA probably looked at this said, "Codemasters has great racing games and are locking up the racing market outside of GT and Forza... Let's take them over, and since racing games are pretty much a solved problem in gaming, we will own that market outside of first party studios"

Relientk7778d ago

EA has ruined sports games and turned them into casino simulators. Now they are going to ruin the racing games they own.

StoneyYoshi78d ago

Yeah, I'm waiting for them to announce a F1 Ultimate Driver mode or some crap lol.

Blank77d ago

You jest but it’s in the parameters of reality.

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Notellin78d ago

If you liked Codemasters games, you won't like them much longer.

NeoGamer23277d ago

I actually think EA looked at the last few NFS games and said, "We F---ed up". Then, said, "what can we do?". Codemasters at the same time realized their only profitable gaming stream is racing games and that limits their growth.

So, it is a good company match. I will wait and see if EA takes Codemasters to a crappy place, or they give Codemasters NFS and Burnout and Codemasters re-energizes them. Dirt and Dirt Rally are good, Grid is good, F1 is good.... Would love to see a Codemasters version of NFS and Burnout.

mch2011uk77d ago

"Two great companies" After Codemasters who is the other one?? 🤔

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