Should stores stop the sale of used video games?

Used video games play an integral part in the lives of the gamer: instead of spending $60 for a new title, they can save some cash and get the same game used at a discounted price. But from a developer's perspective, every used game that's sold yields no revenue, and that has created a divide between publishers and gamers over whether or not used video games should be sold at all...

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Mr PS33694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

How many BoTs trade thier Game's in 2 days after buying it cause it's Crap(Gears 2 being a classic example)

And then how many Cheap assed BoT's buy Them second hand Crap Games(Gears 2 is a Classic example) and Trade them in Because it's Still Crap
All of the BoTs do this
And its just a Vicious Circle

I Mean just the other day i saw Gears of War 3 on the Tradein Shelf !!!!!!!!
And it Aint Even out Yet
That Shows how King kong Crap the Xbox Games are
They are being Traded years before they are Even Out !!!!

locos853694d ago

Everything gets sold and bought used. Why should the video game industry be any different???

meepmoopmeep3694d ago

i agree, it's not like it's going to stop.
i feel sorry for the developers who lose out on this though.

Excalibur3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

The level of greed in these industries is beyond belief.

You sold the game (or whatever), you got your money, end of story.
Obviously there wasn't enough in the game for the original owner to want to keep the game therefore he traded it in.

Make a better game then everyone in the whole world will want to own it forever.

Bubble Buddy3694d ago

I never buy used games unless it's like a $30 game when you can buy used for $20 etc. I wouldn't mind buying $60 that are great but other than that, games should still be priced at $50 if they are horrible or average. But obviously this will never happen. Hopefully games don't raise to $70 next gen. :(.

Doppy3694d ago

I usually buy used games, but I do buy new games for games I feel justify the $60 price tag.

I wonder are used games tallied in software sales?

aftrdark213693d ago

stop selling used cars? stop taking trade ins?

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cheapndirty3694d ago

I own 187 xbox 1 games. All but 20 of were purchased used. There is no way I am going to pay 187 x 50 for new games.

I know the publishers need to to turn a profit to stay in business and I want to support that, but strictly doing so would limit how many games I end up owning.

Right now I own 49 360 games. Only ten have been purchased new.

I think its unrealistic to tell the publishers to make 20.00 new titles the norm.

heroicjanitor3694d ago

Thought you said you had 49360 games... Still though you have a lot of games.

ruibing3694d ago

I tend to purchase used games for only two reasons. For a lot of PS1/PS2 games that are out of print, you just have to buy them used to avoid paying a premium for sealed packaging. For PS3 games, I've only bought a single used game, Lost Planet, because I want to try the game but I don't believe in supporting bad ports.

Mutley4163694d ago

In order to own all new games on release date...I trade and sell my old games...

I love playing new games!!!

I never buy used...

UltimateIdiot9113694d ago

I only buy new here also but I hate selling. With tuition raise from budget cuts(off topic: Stupid NY governor), I no longer can afford to pay for new titles. So I'm probably going to sell the games I don't and probably will not play with anymore. I rather wait for games to hit bargain bin before I buy a use (unless it's rare)

Danja3694d ago

I buy used games , but most of those games are the games that just weren't good enough to be bought at full price because it just wasn't worth it at the time...

when a game is good the gamer will most likely keep that game...if it's bad or just worth one full play through then obviously the game isn't worth keeping...

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