It's Time To End The Yearly Call of Duty

Call of Duty has been around since 2003. Is it now a bit stale? Should it end its annual appearance? Jump Dash Roll goes dark as we investigate the top-secret evidence in today’s feature.

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TallDarknWavy29d ago

The purpose I think is to give each game more time for development. Thing is, there are already 3 teams doing 3 years of development for each game.


I was thinking this many years ago.

addictedtochaos29d ago

It should stop being a yearly release, but it won’t.

Inverno29d ago

They got something good right now with the f2p BR, and it actually has some quality put into it. Then they released a COD a year after that and people didn't like it as much. There's no way they're going to give up that sure 60 a year even if the fan base doesn't like it, but they could totally give it up right now and it'd probably be for the better.

TheRealTedCruz29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

The fact that Activision has access to great devs under their umbrella, and still just allocate their talent to simple assistance on the series, tells me that's not happening any time soon.

BranWheatKillah29d ago

Zodiac, I agree. This is what bothers me. Raven Software was iconic and now the only thing they do is COD.

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The story is too old to be commented.