Embracer Group acquires Appeal Studios, KAIKO, Massive Miniteam and FRAME BREAK

Embracer Group AB (“Embracer”) through its subsidiaries THQ Nordic GmbH and Amplifier Game Invest AB have entered into four acquisition agreements to acquire 100% each of Appeal Studios S.A., KAIKO GmbH, Massive Miniteam GmbH and FRAME BREAK AB. In addition, THQ Nordic is today also announcing that it has founded Gate 21 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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DOMination-36d ago

They now own over 60 studios and a huge vault of IP but so far they haven't released much of note. Over 100 games in development though. I am expecting them to have an E3 conference in 2022 with a big blowout.

You'd have to think they purchased IP to use them, so some of the games they have in development looks good on paper: Red Faction, Saints Row, Timesplitters, Kingdoms of Amalur, Borderlands, Dead Island, Darksiders, Metro, Aspyr who are supposedly working on the next KOTOR...