Top 10 Most Pirated Games of 2008

As 2008 is slowly moving toward its end, we start taking a look at the most pirated titles in various categories. First up are games. As expected, Spore is by far the most downloaded game on BitTorrent, in part thanks to the DRM that came with the game.

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chrisgay3697d ago

If PC gaming were to go down the pan, I wouldn't be suprised at all if so many PC "gamers" steal all the games they're so fond of. I know if I were a developer I would definitely not give these cheapskates more entertainment to steal.

Sharpshell3697d ago

spore getting pirated BECAUSE of DRM, I think its basically prooof that companies should say look, we arn't doing anything to hinder you guys stealing, casue you can always beat us, so please return the favor of not fing up your pcs by buying the game... thank you

Brock Danger3697d ago

And PC gamers think they're the real "hardcore" when so many of them have no problem stealing from the industry they "love" so much. At least we're not in a recession.

Rob0g0rilla3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

85 million dollars that EA should of had. I heard it's a great game. Damn, what a bad way to show your appreciation for all that work that went into such a good game. What a waste. It's like these guys want them to stop making PC games. These guys are going to ruin it for the people that actually buy the games & upgraded their computer to play them when companies abandon the PC.

If they don't find a solution for this then we will probably see more people pirating the game more then people actually buying it(if that isn't happening already).

Yi-Long3697d ago

Most of the downloads are from people who wouldnt be buying the game anyway, and just download it to quickly check it out.

Also, it isnt piracy that is killing the industry: It's the developers and their whole attitude towards the consumer.

Would I wanna buy a product from a company that will come running after me when I just bought their product and left the store, just so it can sell me additional stuff that probably could and should have already been included in the deal!?

There are a few developers who are treating us, the gamers, the customers, the RIGHT way. They keep supporting their product and adding to it through DLC, instead of abusing that opportunity to get more money from our pocket.

Criterion is doing a GREATTTTTT job with their Burnout Paradise, so many MANY people are very willing to buy their product (and they're creating a whole lot of good-will for their upcoming games).

On the other hand, you only have to look at EA and their Dead Space, as a prime example of how it should NOT be done!

So would I rather buy Dead Space, or Burnout Paradise!? Gee....(!)

You want to 'stop' piracy? Offer good value for money, so people dont feel they're getting the short stick of the bargain! (and even when you do everything right, there will ALWAYS be piracy.

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The story is too old to be commented.