Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5: The six-month report card

Are Microsoft and Sony even competing with each other anymore?.

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Community76d ago
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darthv7276d ago

Having both the PS5 and Series S, I give both the same grade of B+. I love that both offer improvements to existing games as it's about the only thing i play until the bigger, newer games come (Ratchet is just 1mo away and Halo is...?). FPB boost and quick resume are intriguing for the Series line and the Dual Sense is the best thing so far about the PS5.

I look forward to what the future holds for each.

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Sonic-and-Crash76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

giving PS5 grade B+ with Demon Souls, Returnal , and Sackboy out is hypocrisy (3 superwell AA made games better in production than many PS4 well sold games like Crash Remakes , Re2 remake etc) ..i dont even include Spiderman Morales and Bugsnax,

i rate PS5 A+ (could have been S-surperior easily , if they had made theoritcal in my mind moves---example Monster Hunter PS5 version not the Rise , or launching with full fledged Astrobot game with 15 + duration )

and XSX i give F (6 months without an exclusive game (even low quality) to play or convience me bying it)

SavageFlamingo76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

F? Really? I’m a PlayStation fan and that seems unrealistically low to me. Xbox has some really cool features even for older games. The FPS boost alone is worth at least a C+. And that’s not even counting the quick resume and GamePass. PS5 is also missing features that Xbox already has implemented. Such as VRR.

76d ago
SyntheticForm76d ago

I would give PS5's launch effort a B+ at this juncture. By launch effort I simply mean they've put forth a good faith effort to deliver new, exciting material. So, commendable and admirable effort by Sony.

While I respect what Xbox has brought, I don't respect the lack of what they haven't.

FPS boost is nice, but new games please. New games and new franchises.

CaptainHenry91676d ago

I agree. I would give Microsoft a F because they haven't had one new great exclusive in over a decade

Highrevz76d ago

Not going to deduct points from the ps5 for still having issues the PS4 had? How about features missing or the lack of expandable storage?

Everyone should be able to pick faults and wish for improvement, people like you will end up turning Sony into Nintendo and i can’t help but find that depressing.

Abear2176d ago (Edited 76d ago )

F makes sense to me. They Failed to properly support Halo—how they thought the reaction would be anything different than what it was for the game tells you all you need to know about quality control at M$. Throw in the fact that Flight Sim, a truly revolutionary and next gen experience, isn’t even on the radar to be ported to the world most powerful console…still smh. Wake me up to Xbox when it’s not just a game rental machine.

darthv7276d ago

Sonic... are those the "numerous AAA" games you said were on the PS5 that Halo was hoping to overshadow? Now you call them AA so which is it?

Demon soul is on ps3, Bugsnax is on ps4, sackboy is on ps4, spiderman mm is on ps4 even oddworld is on ps4. Only returnal, godfall and astro are ps5.

I like astro, it is a really good example of the controller and its potential. Its only going to get better from there.

DarXyde76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Yeah, I think an F is ridiculous. I do not own either, but I've not heard any bad things about the hardware itself. It just needs new games. The hardware is damn good for classics (and solves a big problem of purchasing remasters). The FPS Boost seems quite popular and I can see why. That aside, the hardware is perhaps a bit boring compared to PlayStation, mostly for the DualSense.

And if you're rating any console an A+ in the first six months, your standards might be a little low. You're unduly praising PlayStation and unduly criticizing Xbox. The question is, how much of your critique is based on software and how much is based on hardware. As an observer with neither platform, I would say PS5 deserves a B+/A- for a strong software start and great hardware, but falls short because it's still missing some very basic features around storage options, functional rest mode, and VRR. Xbox Series X is very intelligent hardware (super backwards compatible, some impressive machine learning tech, very good storage options). Its issue is really just in terms of software. There's no reason to really own one unless you're dead set on revisiting older titles with enhancements. For me, C+/B-. Series S on the other hand I would rate higher because at that price and considering what you're getting, you really must admit that it's not a bad value. Series X is a console for the long run, but with the reliance on old games being enhanced, I think this is where the Series S's value is most apparent. B/+.

RauLeCreuset76d ago


"Yeah, I think an F is ridiculous."

An F isn't ridiculous for a 6 month report card. I disagree more with giving the PS5 an A+ (or an S), but you accidentally hit on something. Standards ARE lower at launch. That's why it's justifiable to give Xbox an F for launching with nothing.

Defenders try to downplay PS5's launch lineup, including in this comment section. Demon Souls is just a PS3 game? Okay. Why didn't Xbox launch with a 360 remake? Miles Morales is cross gen? Okay. Why didn't Xbox have a new cross gen exclusive for launch? Astro Bot is a demo? Why didn't Xbox include a "demo" with the Series S and X?

Chevalier76d ago

I'd give the PS5 a A and Xbox a C+. IMHO.

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waverider76d ago

The series S cant even have the improvements that the Xbox One X got... its a digital console with 364 gigas of space that got problems to run locked at 1440p. The same grade both? because the S got FPS boost and quick resume? They arent even on the same league. The X is a good console, spec wise, but the S isnt. It was part of the strategy of Microsoft to say they got the cheaper console... but anyone that wants to play next gen games isnt getting them with the S.

DJStotty76d ago

It is called an opinion Waverider, don't lose sleep.

darthv7276d ago

I have the one x as well and series s does better in some things and holds its own in others. I get the feeling MS is underselling its potential so not to deter sales of the big brother.

GamingSinceForever76d ago

You give them both the same grade despite one making an attempt to release games taking advantage of the new hardware. Make it make sense please?

Not to mention you are ranking the PS5 against the inferior version of the XBox Series.

RauLeCreuset76d ago

There is no making sense of it. You've been gaming since forever. What other system has launched without any new exclusives?

darthv7276d ago

sorry fellas, I don't put any weight on exclusives. I've grown up over the years when exclusives were all the rage but now I just play games. Doesn't matter to me if exclusive or not. For me its more about the controller and how comfortable it is to use. I have passed up many games on PS2/PS3/PS4 due to the controller because I much prefer offset sticks.

I know there will be only certain games you can't play any other way than with a DS and for those I will buy and play them but if given the opportunity to use the XB controller instead... I would. And yes i know there are 3rd party ones that mimic the style of 1st party controllers. I don't use 3rd party unless there is no other choice.

And i give them the grade I feel is best deserving based on my own personal enjoyment. I like both platforms and feel they are (as of this moment) worthy of a B+.

GamingSinceForever76d ago

@darth72 I understand that it is your opinion. I’m just trying to understand your logic behind an equal score to 2 systems that clearly aren’t the same.

As you mentioned in your second reply Sony made an attempt to not only make games taking advantage of the hardware (something that MS has yet to do) but they also brought in a welcome improvement to the controller.

I respect everyone’s opinion, but that doesn’t mean that they still can’t be considered illogical at times. Not starting an argument at all, I was just looking for a good reason behind your thought process.

RauLeCreuset76d ago


I'm sorry, but your statements don't add up. You say you don't put weight on exclusives, but you said in your initial comment that you love that both offer improvements to existing games, as they're all you play until bigger, newer games come. Which you specifically listed as Ratchet and Halo, two exclusives, despite a number of big, new multiplats being currently available for PS5 and Series S/X.

"I love that both offer improvements to existing games as it's about the only thing i play until the bigger, newer games come (Ratchet is just 1mo away and Halo is...?)."

You seem to now be going for an "I'm just that person who prefers candy corn" argument, which is fine, but that's not what you started with. Nor, to Gaming's point, should you need to enjoy student essays for your grading to reflect the difference between those who complete their essay assignments and those who don't.

darthv7276d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Raul, there is nothing wrong with what i said. I dont put weight on exclusives, I like to just play the games. If it makes you feel better, i play the games that interest me. I listed ratchet and halo because those are two long running franchises that i enjoy that i am looking forward to. i am also looking forward to Mass Effect remaster and Ninja Gaiden compilation. (I like compilation sets)

The reason i dont emphasize exclusives like others do is because i dont restrict myself to one platform like many others do. To them, having exclusives is the driving force to buy into a platform. I just like new hardware in general, which is why I dont alienate myself when it comes to platforms. I will buy both exclusive games and multiplats but i do so because the games interest me, not the fact they are exclusive games or multiplats. That just comes with the territory.

RauLeCreuset76d ago


You're contradicting yourself.

"The reason i dont emphasize exclusives like others do is because i dont restrict myself to one platform like many others do."

Except you emphasized two exclusives in your initial comment about how you would be playing previous gen titles until the "bigger, newer" games release. They were the only games you named in your comment. You didn't reference current gen multiplats at all, directly or indirectly.

"The reason i dont emphasize exclusives like others do is because i dont restrict myself to one platform like many others do."

What but exclusives would you be playing on PS5, considering you said this elsewhere?

"Fair assessment. When it comes to controller, I personally prefer offset sticks but i will say i quite enjoy the haptic feedback of the DS. The games I can't play any other way, I will gladly do so using that controller. For everything else that interests me, it is going to be on XB due to the stick preference."

Seems like PS5 is your exclusives machine. Maybe you're trying to argue that your enjoyment of them isn't derived from them being exclusives? That you don't put weight on their status as exclusives? Okay, but that doesn't change that they are exclusives and are seemingly what lead you to buy a PS5.

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ABizzel176d ago

I give PS5 a B+, and Series X a C+. I think Series X is doing amazing things for last-gen and improved performance, but as a next-gen console, it has done nothing worthwhile IMO. I Think the hardware is great, and GamePass as long as it doesn't corrupt users / buying / etc... is great, but it's going to take them another year or two to really get going (Halo in a few months, but then what, ???), whereas PS5 looks like it's taking off in another 6 months - 1 year (Ratchet, Horizon, Gran Turismo, God of War, ???).

boing175d ago

What? I have a really hard time understanding how your grading works.

RauLeCreuset75d ago

Apparently exclusives don't hold any weight in Darth's grading despite Darth's admissions that enhanced last gen games are about the only thing they're playing until exclusives come and that PS consoles are their exclusives consoles. Darth admits Darth would play these games on Xbox if not for them being exclusive to PS, a personal testament to the impact exclusives have on persuading Darth to buy Playstations. Nevertheless, Darth does not wish to include such an important factor in Darth's own purchasing decisions in grading the PS5 the same as the Series S (not even the X).

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RazzerRedux76d ago

A report card without grades? lol....ok

blackblades76d ago

That's what I said about the other report card article.

DJStotty76d ago

Probably do not want to throw a fuel tank onto the fire.

Imagine the chaos if one was graded higher than the other, the scenes would be incredible.

RazzerRedux76d ago

Guess I'll give mine. PS5 is around B+/A- for me. The games just keep coming and that is and always has been why I buy PlayStation. PS5 gets docked for still not having an expansion storage in place or VRR. For most, I don't believe this to be a major issue (especially VRR) but still these need to be addressed.

I have no use for an Xbox as a PC gamer so no score from me.


Yeah just seems weird.


I guess so, but why even call it a report card? Oh....that's right. Typical journalist nonsense.

instantstupor76d ago

I wouldn't really need a grade, but I am surprised there isn't even a true "conclusion". Nothing that kind of sums up the general report - I mean, I suppose you can take the information to form your own conclusion, but it does feel a little weak to not state some opinion in the piece one way or the other.

RazzerRedux76d ago

I agree. It feels like a summary of facts and nothing more.

DarthMarvin75d ago

It's 2021, grades aren't a thing anymore. Students all get passing marks and golden awards for participation.

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Automatic7976d ago (Edited 76d ago )

I said it before and I will say it again. i give Xbox Series X a B the system is fantastic. The input on the controller is fantastic, no latency. Xbox GamePass is holding me down until the onslaught of Xbox exclusives arrive. Many on this website will disagree but I would rather have a good selection of games until more arrive, than only a handful which are not catering to me. The Bethesda drop in March and sports games since February is enough to realize Xbox is catering to me. OutRiders and MLB were huge drops on Xbox GamePass. Now this week purchased and playing RE Village.

DJStotty76d ago

Flight sim in a month or 2 as well if that is your thing, also AOE later on in the year.

I'm looking forward to this E3 more than any other to see what Bethesda and the likes show.

DJStotty76d ago

"Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a subscription service that offers access to a library of more than 150 games on Xbox consoles and PC"

Think you will find that is over 450+ my good sir, enough with the 150 lol.

374 minimum, just on the xbox, 257 across the PC, and 250 via xcloud, granted some of these are across all 3, but the game figure is around 450+.

jukins76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Xbox logic. "Gears 5 is on gamepass for xbox and pc and also on xcloud thats 3 games on gamepass dur dur"

Kinda sad that sonys afterthought service psnow has more downloadable ps4 games than the entire gamepass catalog..not to mention the stream only titles. Again psnow is an afterthought and still has a bigger library than the main course on xbox

DJStotty76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Clearly you did not understand what i said, i'll repeat for the kids :-

"granted some of these are across all 3, but the game figure is around 450+"

The individual title list stands at around 450+, i clearly said that, the highest individual list is the xbox console at 374 games, you then have access to the gamepass with PC games not available on console, like age of empires etc, then you have a few xcloud games that are not available on PC or console.

You can clearly click "console" and the total is 374 minimum individual games for gamepass, Ultimate members get PC and Cloud games not available on console. The minimum amount of games you are getting when subbing is 374.

Keep kidding yourselves thinking there is only 150 ish games on gamepass, your the ones missing out.

Here is a fact-checked list from Feb 24th, and it was over 250 individual games then :-

jukins76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Lol how you fact check 250 titles but claim 450? Make it make sense lol i never claimed any specific xbox numbers thats you. But like i said games are listed multiple times seperately for each system. . . Theres like 4 fifas on there lol FOUR

DJStotty76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Again, you need to read my friend :-

"from Feb 24th, and it was over 250 individual games then"

After the addition of EA Play, and numerous game additions since then, it is around 450 individual games, go to the site, count them.

"i never claimed any specific xbox numbers thats you."

I never mentioned Playstation services either, but you felt the need to....

DJStotty75d ago

"But like i said games are listed multiple times seperately for each system. . . Theres like 4 fifas on there lol FOUR"

Incorrect, 3 for console, not gathered how to use the filter option yet i see?

Even if you deduce the multiples (like i have said twice i think already, but here goes 3rd time lucky) the individual game count across all 3 media, PC, Xbox, and Xcloud, currently stands at around 450+ DIFFERENT games for Ultimate subscribers.

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Doge76d ago

I would personally give the PS5 an B+. Had a blast with the games (Demon's Souls and Returnal especially). Still missing some of the features I would like such as 1440p 120hz support and VRR, and expanding SSD storage (understandable situation).

Overall, pretty satisfied with my purchase.

Xbox Series X/S I would give uhhh....Ungraded because I don't own them nor am I interested. 🤷‍♂️

DJStotty76d ago

At least your honest lol, i can not grade the PS5 personally, but just judging off reviews/features/games etc, i would rate it a pre-emptive B+/A- console.

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